UN Agenda 21 and The Great Reset

The fall from Liberalism to Technocracy and Transhumanism

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The death of the liberal paradigm and the rise of technocracy

Since all the countries of the world are implementing the same common agenda, I have called the new international reality THE END OF CLASSICAL GEOPOLITICS. In other words, it is obvious that there is only one world center of power, which imposes a single model of the future on all countries.

Beyond the horizontal conflicts between various countries, a single vertical of power is clearly visible. It seems that these conflicts are actually being stimulated by the craftsmen of the New World Order with regard to create the illusion of fundamental contradictions.

The phenomena that encompassed the whole world have two complementary names: TECHNOCRACY and TRANSHUMANISM. It is a world of Luciferian dictatorship that seeks the end of man as a divine creation. The agenda of the globalist octopus boils down to just two priorities: DEPOPULATION and CONTROL.

And the general plan imposed everywhere, which is being implemented with tremendous speed, has a well-known name: UN AGENDA 21 or AGENDA 2030 for SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. And since there is ONE COMMON AGENDA for all the countries of the world, multipolarity remains for the moment only a desirable perspective.

Main Topics

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Agenda 21 and the Great Reset. The Fall from Liberalism to Technocracy

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Round table I

The Trap of Liberalism: How not to be eternal losers when faced with technocratic tyranny

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Round table II

Continuing our networking and achieving synergy in the Antiglobalist Resistance

Event Speakers

Below are some of the heroes that made the event possible

Iurie Roșca profile picture

Iurie Roșca

The basic organizer of this exceptional event is Yourie Roshka. He had a long political career. Former anti-communist fighter, today continuing his fight against an even worse totalitarianism - Satanist globalism.

Garry Robson profile picture

Garry Robson

Professor of sociology at the Jagiellonian University, Krakow, he taught and researched in England for four years before relocating to Poland. The main organiser of ”The Rise of the Digital Technocracy” (September, 28-29).

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Dr. Jacob Nordangård

Swedish researcher, author, lecturer, and musician. Ph.D. in Technology and Social Change at Linköping University. The author of many books, among which are ”Rockefeller. Controlling the Game” and ”The Global Coup d’État”.

Blaž Kavčič profile picture

Blaž Kavčič

economist, once one of the leading Slovenian managers in electronics industry, one term Member of National Assembly, one term President of the Second Chamber of Parliament, ousted as a politician, CEO of Freedom of Life Foundation, Slovenia

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Julian Rose

an early pioneer of UK organic farming, a writer and international activist. His recent book ”Overcoming the Robotic Mind” is a powerful call to resist the Transhuman agenda

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Gregory Davis

the author of the book ”Antichrist: The Fulfillment of Globalization: The Ancient Church and the End of History”

The schedule

Saturday, September 9

  1. Session I

    1. Preliminary remarks - Iurie Roșca, Chairman of Peoples's University
    2. Speeces of participants
  2. Session II

    1. Speeces of participants

Sunday, September 10

  1. Round table I

    1. The Trap of Liberalism: How not to be eternal losers when faced with technocratic tyranny
  2. Round Table II

    1. Continuing our networking and achieving synergy in the Antiglobalist Resistance