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Today's man between God and His monkey

I found this text through my articles of the last three years that are collected together for the forthcoming book "The Fall from Capitalism to Technocracy. Notes from a dissident under the New World Order". I have enlarged a bit this text and I present it below in the English version.

During the 2020 we have found one of the root causes that prevents many people from understanding the essence of the Covid-19 plandemic events and the ultimate goals of this global project. This is an extremely serious spiritual and intellectual infirmity, namely the lack of a Christian perspective on life. Hence the inability to grasp with the mind the full global dimension and eschatological stakes of this operation. Hence the inability to bring together seemingly disparate components of reality, such as the global economic freeze and house arrest, the imposition of masks and forced vaccinations, the rapid development of the 5G network, the expansion of robotics and Artificial Intelligence, chipping, the suppression of cash and the cancellation of private property, depopulation and the complete digitization of the world, social and genetic engineering, Sustainable Development and climate change, forced deruralization and accelerated urbanization as a form of modern incarceration, and internet censorship.

In fact, however, without being an expert in all these areas, any man of common sense would begin to get a pretty good handle on this issue just by appealing to the Christian view. That is to say, in order to understand the Global Occult's plans to drastically reduce the planet's population, to assassinate by vaccination, by chipping, by electromagnetic bombardment and by other technological methods, and to establish total control over resources and people, the first task is to understand the spiritual, evil, demonic essence of the globalist elite.

Unfortunately, however, the majority of anti-system authors who criticize the globalist agenda label this world hyper-class as psychopaths or lunatics. But this clique is nevertheless a perfectly rational one. Those we call the masters of the game do not suffer from mental deviations, but represent the ultimate form of perversion, and this is because, as we know, the one who reverses values and overturns hierarchies is none other than "the prince of this world" (John 14:30), and the so-called globalists are nothing but his docile tools and frontmen covering the face of those behind the curtain.

Its stakes are not economic, even though the Great Reset it is carrying out is based on the concept called the New World Economic Order. The ultimate goal is to mass murder the population that has become a ballast for the masters of the world after the technological leap that allows human resources to be replaced by technical ones. And the survivors of this global holocaust are to be reduced to the condition of sub-human beings, genetically modified by vaccines and teleguided by means of Artificial Intelligence, devoid of any autonomy of thought and action.

So, Satan's war against God and His creation is now entering a decisive, final phase. And man, each one of us, is in the very midst of this spiritual or religious war. In the conditions of this total war, man either consciously allies himself with God and therefore fights openly, through prayer and daily action, or he joins Satan, falling into his tempting snares. To evade this reality is impossible.

The fall from Christian cosmogony and anthropology into anthropocentrism (rationalism, positivism, materialism) is a form of dehumanization, a darkening of reason. Having arrived at this intellectual condition/conditioning, the vast majority of those who challenge and expose the System operate with the theoretical toolbox inoculated by it over several generations.

The experts in our camp reveal and describe with the utmost competence and civic responsibility the scientific and technical aspects of the means by which the servants of the New World Order implement our mass murder and distortion of the organic identity of human beings through the fusion of the biological, physical and technological in the Fourth Industrial Revolution prophesied by Klaus Schwab and the dark man beside him Yuval Noah Harari. The "Homo Deus" he promotes is none other than that promised by the serpent to Eve: "For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil. (Gen 3:5). Augmented man is nothing less than demonized man.

We in the anti-globalist resistance camp have on our side an impressive number of great personalities guiding our struggle of ideas with forces who covet to establish a tyrannical world government in a very short time. But we must recognize that the system of theoretical coordinates with which they operate is the one set by modern science as a substitute for the religious view of the world. That is, while we remain prisoners of a distorted, truncated and shaped optics after the patterns of Gnostic heresy, our enemies know well who they serve and who their master is. They know where their evil power and inspiration comes from, while we aspire to believe ourselves self-sufficient and self-sufficiency.

I do not separate at all from my comrades in the metapolitical struggle who are unbelievers or other religions. On the contrary, I have all the respect and I am sure that in the face of a common enemy we must consolidate our forces beyond any difference. But I feel compelled to show the vulnerability of our camp to our opponents. They chose their master, while we rejected ours.

The devil seeks to usurp the throne of the king of the world, to imitate it, to parody God. I mean, it's his sinister cartoon. In this sense, the definition of the devil is well-known, attributed to martin luther: “the devil is the monkey of God, which is imitated entirely”. It's just that the devil doesn't have the qualities to compete with the One who created him too.

And here in the help of the enemy of mankind, obsessed with absolute power and the spirit of destroying divine creation, comes the Technique. The technique is not neutral, it is not a simple tool of man, it has a deep spiritual charge of an evil nature. This is not the technique of the man's servant, but man is the servant of the technique. A number of authors from the twentieth century, each with his own means, such as Martin Heidegger, Jaques Ellul, Aldous Huxley, George Orwell and so many others have amply demonstrated how technique becomes a means of alienating and enslaving man. In other words, science without faith has catastrophic effects. Scientism, positivism, technolatry ― all these are in fact the demonic tools of destruction, of perversion, of mutilation of divine creation.

Marina Abramović

In this way the devilish man came to believe that he was omnipotent, omniscient, all-seeing and even immortal. The work of the cunning has reached its logical end. The descending curve of the modern world is becoming more and more steep, and our rolling in the abyss of the demonized Technocracy is becoming more and more accelerated. Man-mass (but also the man-mask!) he lives as if nothing has happened, stretches out his arm to receive the life-saving vaccine and prepares with joy the foolishness of the earthly heaven offered by the Demonic Technocracy.

How do we dissidents respond to these challenges? Only through competent comments and pertinent analysis? Is that enough?


Are we still able to let ourselves be filled with the nostalgia of Paradise? Are we able to invoke the name of Jesus Christ without being afraid to affect our academic prestige? Can we still recover the mystical meaning of the Cross?

Poza de profil

Iurie Roșca [Yuri Roshka]

a conservative journalist from the Republic of Moldova, who in the past was an anti-communist dissident, party leader, MP and deputy prime minister, who is now an anti-globalist author with strong Christian and nationalist convictions.