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Total war against God. How do we respond?

The whole dynamic of international life in recent decades bears the striking stamp of Satan. The process radically directed against man - globalism - can only be understood in all its depth and complexity from a religious perspective.

The final assault of the Luciferian forces against humanity has taken on an unprecedented scale precisely now for two primary reasons.

  1. The banishment of God from the collective mind of the masses has triumphed (The fact that some of us still attend places of worship does not exempt us from the devastating penetration of a deeply materialistic vision into our minds, pushing us into a state of schizophrenia).
  2. The achievements of techno-science, induced by the infernal forces of some demonized “scientists”, allow the exercise of total control over the world masses by a very small group of people.

The subversive action of the biblical serpent against man has not stopped for a moment since the temptation of Eve in Heaven until now. In the West this was manifested through the Reformation, the Renaissance, the Age of Enlightenment, the French Revolution. Thus the collapse in Modernity drew a line of continuous degradation of humanity. Scientism, Technolatry, Progressism, Transformism, Anthropocentrism are just a few names of this fatal spiritual disease.

And if it was believed that man, nature and society can be reshaped infinitely, today we have reached the terminal stage of the demonization of the world. It manifests itself through the definitive disaggregation of harmony and balance in the world. The aggression against humanity, launched with a devastating force, takes forms such as the liquidation of the family, the annihilation of motherhood, the ritual killing of unborn babies, feminism, gender theory, the legalization of sodomy, pedocriminality, the sexualization of children.

The chain of procedures for dehumanizing the world and mass murdering the anesthetized multitudes through TV, the Internet, and mass culture necessarily includes the myth of vaccinism and the myth of climatism.

The messengers of the infernal world, gathered in organizations of the occult or visible type, preach the end of normal man by merging the biological and the technological in the human body. Augmented man, impregnated with nanoparticles and chips, is the “new normal” that Satanists are pushing us towards. Perception management, behavior modeling, mind control, memory modification, complete digitization of society and man - this is already the nightmare reality into which we are being pushed.

The vertiginous acceleration of the rhythms of reaching the terminal phase of humanity has acquired two complementary names, presented as superior achievements intended to establish an era of generalized bliss: Technocracy and Transhumanism.

The speed with which the globalists' evil agenda is unfolding is so fast, and the consequences of these actions so disastrous, that the establishment of the New World Order is becoming an everyday reality.

The impasse in which humanity was mentioned in the face of these mortal dangers is due to the spiritual blindness induced by the Masonic circles initially in Western Europe, and today in the whole world contaminated by the deadly disease of Westernization.

Political militants, civic activists, book authors, honest researchers, independent journalists seek to form a Resistance in front of this globalist tsunami, criticizing the System within it without realizing the sterility of their own effort. The matrix into which we have been thrust for the past hundreds of years has been nothing more than the preparation phase for the final assault on humanity, which is unfolding with volcanic force. We could call this intellectual trap “materialism” or “liberalism” and we wouldn't be wrong.

But the correct name for the state of the world today is rejection of God. The devil knew how to work discreetly to subvert the religious worldview. Today man considers his unbelief to be a matter of personal choice. He does not assume the dishonorable role of an object of manipulation by forces outside his own mind, of a spiritual nature.

Hence all the failures of analysis, no matter how refined and scholarly, of the intellectual peaks that seek to conceptualize today's realities and above all to offer solutions to avoid a fatal end for humanity. Our puerile intellectual exercises about restoring the rule of law, national sovereignty, democracy, human rights, etc. it is an occasion of special amusement for the devil. He knew how to escape from our sight, making us believe in our own autonomy.

Remaining captive to the materialistic paradigm that induces human self-sufficiency, without reference to God as the creator of the world and Satan as its destroyer, our struggle for survival is doomed to failure. We cannot save ourselves from the terminal catastrophe which is rolling upon us with increasing speed either by culture, or by science, or by the methods of political struggle offered by the liberal state.

The chance of the world's survival under the conditions of this aggression of a huge destructive power lies not only in the effort to re-inform, in civic courage and in unmasking the plans of the globalist elite.

The devastating force of this aggression lies not only in the concentration of economic, political, technological and military resources that allow them to have full domination over the world. It is caused by a pact with the devil. That is, in other words, our forces are unequal. They have allied themselves with the spirit of darkness, and we remain alone, that is an easy prey for them.

Therefore, in order to have a chance of survival, and then victory, we also need an alliance that will make us stronger in the face of the enemies of humanity. And this cannot be other than with God. Only the creator of the world and man is more powerful than his creature, the first revolutionary who is Lucifer.

Our God, our savior, the almighty God awaits us. He looks at us with pity as helpless orphans before a pack of wolves.

The total war currently waged against humanity is not the result of “psychopaths”, as some dissidents from the anti-globalist camp try to convince us. These occult circles are not autonomous. They made their choice, they chose their master. Now it's our turn to do it. Until it's too late. If it's not too late.

Christ is waiting for us. Will we come to Him or maybe He is already on his way to us?

P.S.: I apologize for any linguistic errors. I used Google translate.

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Iurie Roșca [Yuri Roshka]

a conservative journalist from the Republic of Moldova, who in the past was an anti-communist dissident, party leader, MP and deputy prime minister, who is now an anti-globalist author with strong Christian and nationalist convictions.