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Satanic Transhumanism

The entire dynamic of international events in recent decades bears the unmistakable mark of Satan. The radically anti-human process ― globalism ― can only be understood in its full depth and complexity from a religious perspective.

The latest assault of Luciferian forces against humanity has reached an unprecedented scale for two main reasons.

Firstly, the banishment of God from the collective consciousness of the masses has triumphed (the fact that some of us still attend places of worship does not spare us from the devastating infiltration of a profoundly materialistic vision into our minds, plunging us into a state of schizophrenia).

Secondly, the power of techno-science, summoned by the infernal forces of demonised ‘scientists’, enables the exertion of total control over the world’s population by a very small group of people.

The subversive action of the biblical serpent against humanity has not ceased from the temptation of Eve in Heaven to this day. In the West, it manifested itself in the Reformation, the Renaissance, the Age of Enlightenment, and the French Revolution. The intrusion into modernity has triggered a continuous line of human degradation. Scientism, technolatry, progressivism, transformism, and anthropocentrism are just a few names of this fatal mental illness.

And if people believed they could reshape humanity, nature, and society without limit, we have now reached the final stage of the demonisation of the world. It manifests itself in the ultimate destruction of harmony and balance in the world. The attack on humanity, which is conducted with devastating force, takes forms such as the dissolution of the family, the annihilation of motherhood, the ritualistic killing of unborn children, feminism, gender theory, the legalisation of sodomy, paedocriminality, and the sexualisation of children.

The concatenation of processes leading to the dehumanisation of the world and the mass murder of the stupefied masses through television, the internet, and mass culture necessarily includes the myth of vaccination and the myth of climatism.

The messengers of the infernal world, assembled in occult or visible organisations, preach the end of normal humans through the fusion of biological and technical elements in the human body. The augmented man impregnated with nanoparticles and chips is the ‘new normal’ to which the Satanists are pushing us. Perception management, behaviour control, memory control, complete digitalisation of society and of humans ― this is already the nightmarish reality into which we are being pushed.

The dizzying acceleration of humanity’s end stage has adopted two complementary names, presented as superior achievements that are to usher in an era of universal bliss: technocracy and transhumanism.

The speed with which the evil agenda of the globalists is unfolding is so rapid, and the consequences of these actions so catastrophic, that the establishment of the New World Order is becoming everyday reality.

The impasse in which humanity finds itself in the face of these deadly dangers is due to the spiritual blindness generated by Masonic circles, initially in Western Europe and today across the world, which is afflicted by the deadly disease of Westernisation.

If we remain attached to the materialistic paradigm, which provokes human self-sufficiency without referring to God as the creator of the world and Satan as its destroyer, our fight for survival is doomed to failure.

Political activists, civil rights campaigners, book authors, honest researchers, and independent journalists are trying to form resistance against this globalist tsunami by criticising the system from within, unaware of the futility of their own efforts. The matrix into which we were thrust in the last hundred years was merely the preparatory phase for the final attack on humanity, which is unfolding with volcanic force. We could call this intellectual trap ‘materialism’ or ‘liberalism’, and we would not be wrong.

But the proper term for the current state of the world is ‘godlessness’. The devil has managed to subtly undermine the religious worldview. Today, people regard their disbelief as a matter of personal choice. They play the demeaning role of objects of manipulation by forces beyond their own intellect, which are of a spiritual nature, and are far from being able to see through them.

Hence the failure of intellectual leaders in their analysis, however sophisticated and scholarly they may be, who attempt to grasp today’s realities and, above all, offer solutions to prevent a fatal end for humanity. Our childish intellectual exercises to restore the rule of law, popular sovereignty, democracy, human rights, etc. are a particular source of amusement for the devil. He has managed to divert our attention by making us believe in our own autonomy.

If we remain attached to the materialistic paradigm, which provokes human self-sufficiency without referring to God as the creator of the world and Satan as its destroyer, our fight for survival is doomed to failure. We can neither save ourselves through culture, nor science, nor the political combat methods of the liberal state from the ominous catastrophe that is rolling over us at an increasing speed.

The world’s chance of survival in the face of this aggression of enormous destructive power does not solely lie in striving for reforms, in civil courage, and in exposing the plans of the globalist elites.

The devastating force of this aggression does not only lie in the concentration of economic, political, technological, and military resources, which enables them to gain complete domination of the world. It is a pact with the devil. In other words, our forces are unequal. They have allied themselves with the spirit of darkness, and we are left alone, i.e., easy prey for them.

Therefore, to have a chance of survival and then victory, we also need an alliance that makes us stronger against the enemies of humanity. And this can only be an alliance with God. Only the creator of the world and of humans is stronger than his creation, the first revolutionary, who is Lucifer.

Our God, our Saviour, the Almighty God is waiting for us. He looks upon us with pity like orphaned children left defenceless against a pack of wolves.

The all-encompassing war currently being waged against humanity is not the work of ‘psychopaths’, as some dissidents from the camp of anti-globalists would have us believe. These occult circles are not autonomous. They have made their choice; they have chosen their master. Now it is our turn to make a choice. Before it is too late. If it is not already too late.

Christ is waiting for us. Will we come to him, or is he already on his way to us?

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Poza de profil

Iurie Roșca [Yuri Roshka]

a conservative journalist from the Republic of Moldova, who in the past was an anti-communist dissident, party leader, MP and deputy prime minister, who is now an anti-globalist author with strong Christian and nationalist convictions.