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The Crisis of our Time: Deep Materialism and the Loss of Selfhood

The crisis of our times is that our societies do not consider human purpose and the deeper meaning of human existence. Dark pathways will always emerge and grow in the places where the light is flickering without focus or intent. The world today is increasingly fragmented. The current global situation is triggering a collapse of the body ― individual, social, and psychological. The collective social mind too is in trauma, and the body is showing this illness or dis-ease. Our modern economic-driven societies were already collapsing when the ‘bio-agent’ came along to accelerate the process. We are now being impacted not only by the forces around the bio-agent but also an info-virus and a psycho-virus. Our social mind and body are collapsing morally and spiritually. We are walking unguided through a new landscape of anxiety. We are being blindsided by what I see as the ‘bullfighter effect’ ― this is where the bullfighter keeps the bull blinded and fixated by the cape. The bull twists, turns, and runs, yet always their vision is narrowed onto the cape that is always placed right in front of their nose. Similarly, people live their lives blinded by a cape they never comprehend. We are being cajoled and coerced into chasing the cape, and because of this our vision is narrowed and we are unable to see the bigger picture. People are fighting between themselves for scraps of the cape. Yet we are not seeing those who are the holding the capes ― those disguised as the bullfighters. Our societies, our cultures, and our very humanity is being recoded. We are being recoded biologically, socially, and psychologically. The biological and psychological dimension has coalesced to the detriment of our inner life ― the life of the spirit.

And this current crisis is being developed on the back of a push for deeper materialism ― for materialism is the foundation for developing an external focus ― out there ― away from the inner self. Materialism tells us that what we can see is all there is: and then what we can see is programmed, manipulated, and orchestrated so that we see a particular picture ― the mainstream consensus narrative. And if we accept this consensus reality, then we base all our belief sets, our opinions, our reality sets, our understandings, upon this consensus narrative ― what we can refer to as the CHESSBOARD. And once a person believes in the chessboard, then whatever is placed upon it ― political struggles, national rivalries, war, finances, and much, much more ― can be cleverly engineered to play out according to specific pre-planned agendas ― and this is the GAME. Life on this planet is part of a specific GAME-PLAY. What I like to say is that: the Devils are losing but they haven't yet lost. And the Angels are winning but that they haven't yet won. And that is why we are witnessing now these struggles bringing a lot of chaos to the world as they are being manifested through physical events upon the material chessboard. And these events also play out through engineered polarities. Such extreme polarities include: Us vs. Them; West vs. East; Left vs. Right; Liberal vs. Conservative, etc. These are all artificial constructs that strengthen a material paradigm where people live in separation from one another. Even when these polarities are then substituted for so-called multi-polarities ― such as in the re-shuffling of the geo-political chessboard ― these are still false surface-level arrangements and superficial oppositions.

And because our focus is externalized upon the supposed polarities, we are distracted from what is really going on. This is what I call the ‘Magician's Trick’ ― the audience is distracted by the magician pulling the white rabbit out of the hat, yet at the same time is oblivious, or ignorant, of what is really going on with the magician's other hand. If people continue to be distracted by the toxicity of the external world ― its media circus, entertainment absurdities, directed propaganda, and geo-political wranglings ― then the consensus reality gets continually imprinted and validated by these inputs that people then feed back into the system. The only thing to do is to extract oneself from these polarising energies and to re-calibrate our alignments and allegiances. Anti-human ― or anti-developmental ― forces are attempting to control and manage human thinking and cultural narratives through arid materialism, such as the push for transhumanism and technocracy. Such arid forces are using these agendas to constrain and contain human thinking by limiting it to the physical domain. That is, by propagating a worldview of negation and denial that recognises no spirit-consciousness or genuine inspiration from beyond the material realm. The lower forces aim to ‘over-materialize’ materialism. They intend to deepen the entanglement within physical matter, and to create artificial material forms that would not have arisen in the natural course of human evolvement. Such forces are trying desperately to block a renewal of human culture by directing it into a form of techno-utopia ― which is actually a material prison for human cognitive and spiritual freedom.

An ecosystem of automation will affect not only human behaviour but also our state of cognition will be affected. The unconscious human may, by degrees, be transformed into the robosapien where behaviour sets and cognitive perception are limited to a very low level. Such a person will, effectively, be little more than a cog in the machine. And the machine will be well-oiled by AI-regulated infrastructures. These techno-material forces aim to press down upon the human being in a way that increases its entrapment into physical-digital constraints whilst encouraging the basest levels of human (or automated) behaviour. Deep materialism finally becomes a path of entropy and decline that leads into mechanical, artificial modes of life that eventually brings about stagnation within the human being. The more a person comes under the powers of this world, under the laws set within this materiality, the less a person can act from an inner place of personal and spiritual will. A human being can no longer truly become their essential self if they are wholly invested in a consensus reality that is averse to metaphysical truths. As Christ famously stated: “My Kingdom is not of this world.” (John 18:36) Although not of this world, it must work in this world. Our point of interaction ― participation and action ― are within this world, yet our foundation does not originate from within this world. And this combination, this merger, is what creates a strength to be in this world and not to be weakened by it. The agenda of technocracy also aims for the disintegration of metaphysical values and the acceleration of moral decay in our societies. However, let us remind ourselves that the greatest tyranny always comes to the forefront before its greatest fall ― visibility brings with it the energy of desperation.

We need to recognize that the fastest way to awaken is to become the cause of someone else's awakening. By assisting and serving our fellow human beings we are simultaneously helping ourselves. Many people are already awake or on the verge of awakening ― they just don't know it yet. Sounds contradictory? How many times have we known that something is the right thing to do and yet we fail to do it? Similarly, so many people instinctively feel the inner urge, and sense the absurdity of world events, and yet choose not to act upon this inner knowing. The 21st century is a transformatory epoch, where we shall have to face our shadows and deal with them. Without this acknowledgement, and cleansing, we will be dominated by the forces of stagnation. Later, when this catharsis or ‘cleansing’ has been achieved, we may collectively move into a stage of transmutation where the negative is transmuted into constructive forces. The spirit of our times, therefore, is one of transmutation and transformation. And until the counterforces are transmuted, there is no real or lasting transformation.

And as a collective species, humanity can no longer remain at this low level of perceptive awareness; it is simply not sustainable in the long term. If this polarized state continues, then there is likely to be a splintering in humanity’s future, and not everyone will walk the same path going forward. What we choose today will become the reality we shall experience later. It is time to become the adults within an infantile world ― a world that is so far based on the negative energies of power and greed ― but ultimately a barren and empty world. If there is ever a struggle against the human soul, then we may be witnessing this in these current times. We would do well to remember that each person possesses that special treasure that can never be taken from them. And this is the true genuine eternal connection. These are the times to be soulful, and to bring forth the human spirit.

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Dennis Kingsley

KINGSLEY L. DENNIS, PhD, is a full-time writer and researcher. He is the author of over twenty books including Notes from a Lesser Reality; Life in the Continuum; Unified - Cosmos, Life, Purpose; Hijacking Reality; The Modern Seeker; Healing the Wounded Mind; Bardo Times; Struggle for Your Mind; and Dawn of the Akashic Age (with Ervin Laszlo). His forthcoming book The Inversion: How We Have Been Tricked into a False Reality will be published in September 2023. He is the author of numerous articles on social futures; technology and new media communications; global affairs; and conscious evolution. Kingsley also runs his own publishing imprint: Beautiful Traitor Books. For more information, visit his website: