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”Know your enemy” — the Golden Rule of the Art of War in the Technocratic Era

Dear friends,

In recent years, we have all been engaged in the fight against the sinister Covid-19 hoax and all the tyrannical measures imposed by the worldwide single command centre through puppet governments. We risked our careers and our freedom, and some of us lost their lives in this confrontation with the globalist technocratic regime. We were able extensively to investigate the hidden agenda of the shadow power which prefers to address us via its front men like António Guterres, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates or even through those who formally are our national monarchs, presidents, prime ministers, EU commissioners and the like.

But more often than focusing on individuals, our sharply argued and justified criticisms came to identify the main motivation of these private entities pulling the strings as being greed and obsession with absolute power. Yes, it is true that these fundamental sins characterize the servants of the shadow powers as no other tell-tale signs do. But we have to look deeper and to be able to identify the real nature of the masters of this sinister game.

So how can we define the nature of the driving forces behind the curtain?

We have recently been labelling globalists as psychopaths, lunatics, maniacs and even devoid of reason. In truth, however, we are dealing with perfectly rational creatures. They methodically impose their strategy, focused on depopulation, dehumanization, moral perversion, and imprisonment of the survivors of this global holocaust in the digital prison, guided as they go by some kind of superior force which exceeds our powers of schematic interpretation.

In other words, in order to arrive at a correct definition of our oppressors, we must arm ourselves with the golden rule of the art of war. And we are at war; an unannounced, cunning, perverse, but a total and devastating one. I mean the old principle enunciated by the ancient Chinese strategist Sun Tzu, “Know Your Enemy”.

In this respect, in my view, we are committing a very serious mistake when we seek to describe definitively the collective profile of forces which are operating a total aggression against humanity. Normally, we find ourselves fighting back against political figures and state dignitaries, against international bureaucrats, banksters and Big Pharma owners ― and we must do that, of course. But at the same time, in my opinion, we have to understand that these figures are merely the executors of orders which come from some entity hidden behind them.

And here, I would like to apologize to my friends who have different opinions in this regard. I think we can agree maturely that on some points, we do not agree. In my view, the biggest problem our camp has today is an error of perspective. That is to say that, without returning to the primary source of evil ― to the origins of scientism and technocracy ― we risk limiting ourselves to a partial or fragmented interpretation of reality. We have to review the entire adventure of Modernity, starting with the nonsense of the Big Bang and the whole narrative of evolutionism.

Since the imposition of state tyranny as a current policy under “new normal” conditions, our enemies have taken off the liberal mask. And now it's time for us to do as they already have done, and cast off the liberal illusion. Of all people, we intellectuals are most affected and infected by these deadly induced diseases engineered to deceive and dominate mankind. To abandon this reference system for some of us is a very difficult effort; it is as if you were giving up your own intimate identity.

The fatal conceptual chain materialism ― evolutionism ― anthropocentrism ― scientism ― positivism ― nihilism, and the logical consequences of this chain, such as technocracy and transhumanism, must be understood in their totality. Otherwise, we will be kept as the hostages of a reductionist vision which is unable to guide us to the truth. More than that, by remaining the prisoners of the liberal paradigm induced in the collective mind by our enemies, we not only have no chance of defining correctly and profoundly the realities around us, but we even become useful idiots of the system we profess to oppose.

Our partial mindset, or truncated way of thinking, takes on the splendid forms of philosophical doctrines, sociological currents, economic schools, or political ideologies. But however they manifest themselves, false dichotomies give birth to false oppositions and keep the thinking of anti-System dissidence under enemy control. Therefore, to get out of this vicious circle, we need a huge paradigm shift.

In this respect, the WEF's malefic brain Yuval Noah Harari can be highly instructive for us. The very title of his book, which is a sort of bible of the globalists, Homo Deus, as well as his endless perorations about the fusion of man and machine and the perpetuation of the terrestrial life of man, is extremely instructive.

Do you remember this story?

But the serpent said to the woman, “You will not surely die; for God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” (Genesis, chapter 3, verses 4 and 5).

Sounds familiar, doesn't it? “You will not die … you will be like God”. The distance between the biblical tempter's message and Harari's discourse is precisely zero. It's the same message, with the same purpose: to trick man and to bend him to follow a suicidal purpose.

Another quotation from the same false prophet, Harari, completes the identity profile of the forces he speaks for:

I mean, all this story about Jesus rising from the dead and being the Son of God is ― this is fake news.[1]

Thus, globalists reject and deny the Resurrection of Christ and the fact that He is the Son of God. And we, the anti-globalists: what do we have to say in reply? Or maybe the poison of nihilism, of opaque and self-sufficient anthropocentrism has irreparably paralyzed even our perception of transcendental reality? If it has, we cannot oppose ourselves effectively to forces which have tricked us and are holding us in their mental jail.

So, if we are rejecting the globalist agenda, then before addressing the people with the call to “Wake up!”, we have to ask ourselves whether we, the dissidents, have been able to overcome our own state of lethargy. Once again, to remain the blind prisoner of the enemy means to serve his cause.

In recent years, very diverse individuals from our camp have named our globalist enemies as satanic forces. When we are talking about the pandemic scam, mandatory injections, climate warfare, transgenderism or pedocriminality, religious terminology is increasingly present in our alternative media. But typically, we use this notion as a metaphor, as a figure of speech. Yet my conviction is that we have to operate with such notions literally, because we are talking about evil spiritual forces, about infernal entities, about non-human beings.

I plead for the abandonment of modern rambles and the return to tradition as the only chance for humanity to survive. It is not a matter of preference, but a vital necessity. The rediscovery of the mystical truth, of metaphysics, of the transcendental dimension will lead us directly to the exact definition of our enemy. And from there to religion as a personal experience is just a step.

Our globalist enemies have made their choice. They made a pact with the devil, while we are left alone in the face of an infinitely stronger enemy. Thus, we condemn ourselves to the position of eternal and irremediable losers.

So, our enemies have made their move by allying with Satan. Are we able to acknowledge this shocking reality? And if so, are we able to seek the alliance and protection of our almighty and invincible God? Or will we prefer to cultivate our prejudices and inertia of thought and inhabit the psychological niche that creates an illusion of conceptual coherence?

Dear friends and comrades of our common struggle, this is a religious war, a total spiritual aggression against all of humanity. And if so, our reaction must be adequate. We must understand that we have not the slightest chance to survive by using only political, academic and media channels. We are in a very critical moment of history and have no time to lose by making blind gestures against absolute evil. Our defence strategy must be first of all a spiritual one. We cannot have an efficient Resistance without this way of thinking and acting.

Our enemy has poisoned all of humanity with the fallacy of the primacy of economics , with scientism and technolatry. And this old and devastating demonic strategy requires an immediate and deep re-evaluation of our system of reference.

Satan as a concrete political embodiment has entered the world stage in his full stature, accelerating the arrival of the terminal stage of mankind. In this situation of unprecedented gravity, we must ask ourselves: Are we able to determine a radical change to this deadly trajectory? We are not able to shake off this serious self-interrogation, whether it fits our conceptual paradigm or not. I am convinced that our chance to leave behind us or status as an object of manipulation, domination and mass murder lies in the following path. We must shake off the humiliating state of being the objects of external manipulation, and become the subjects of our own destiny instead. To overcome the condition of insurmountable strategic inferiority, we have only one means. Namely, we must ally with the One who is infinitely superior to His own fallen creation.

We do not know and cannot know whether we are living the end of the world or even the end of this world. But whether we are or not, we must urgently find the source of our empowerment and even invincibility. And this source comes only from above. We must be equally ready to face both the death of capitalism through controlled demolition and even the end of history. But in either case, we must equip ourselves with spiritual tools or weapons by adopting an eschatological approach. The year of 2020 has commenced a decade that could be fatal and even terminal to all mankind. Not coincidentally, it started under a false pandemic and it unfolds under the terror of the United Nations' Agenda 2030.

The pressure of time and the urgency of identifying life-saving solutions force us to act quickly. Otherwise, tomorrow may not arrive at all. Our disruptive reality requires no less disruptive changes in our vision. This earthquake of events, with a huge impact on humanity, requires a commensurate response, one that departs from our previous perception.

And that is exactly what I want to tell you as a Christian optimist.

Thank you.

  1. 21 May 2022, YouTube, “Covid is critical because that is why people accept total biometric surveillance”.

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Iurie Roșca [Yuri Roshka]

a conservative journalist from the Republic of Moldova, who in the past was an anti-communist dissident, party leader, MP and deputy prime minister, who is now an anti-globalist author with strong Christian and nationalist convictions.