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Neocominternism as a false alternative to globalism

The reason for writing this article is that I notice among us some combatants of the anti-globalist front show a perseverance worthy of nobler things to practice open and noisy propaganda in support of the Kremlin at the expense of relevant geopolitical analyses. I have no way of knowing if it's just an inertia of thinking, a psychological comfort zone or a pecuniary motivation. The motivation may differ from case to case. But I also cannot tolerate lying with claims of valid and above all honest intellectual exercises to continue its course unabated.

Putin and Klaus Schwab

I have noticed for a long time and even commented on the fact that within the circles considered dissident, anti-System, anti-globalist there is a certain category of people who have replaced political analysis with exercises of adoration-veneration of the Kremlin administration. And whatever this “Putin collective” does, the indefatigable admirers of the Moscow officials are always ready to promote their policy, posing as propagandists or advocates of the Kremlin gerontocracy/xenocracy.

Their approaches do not differ at all from the editorial policy of RT or Sputnik. Worse, they place on their own blogs directly, without any comment, the official communiqués of the rulers of Russia (who are not necessarily Russian or at least pro-Russian!). As a person who grew up in the USSR and therefore know the realities of Russia well and follow the original alternative press from this country (present only on the Internet due to censorship and persecution!) I can more easily detect the confusions that dominate the minds of some otherwise valid authors then when they criticize the collective West and the globalists.

The cause of some confusion in the understanding of the nature of the power in Moscow resides in the folding on the West vs. Russia conflict formula. That is, if you are against the West, then you necessarily have to be on the side of those it faces. I mean Russia, China, BRICS. Tertium non datur. The logic is simple. Since the Americans/Westerners are the “bad guys” par excellence, it would appear that those they are fighting/confronting are from the “good guys” camp.

To understand this kind of conflicts, it would be useful to remind us of the “Karpman drama triangle” which is actually a social model of human interaction proposed by Stephen B. Karpman. In this manipulation scheme, the roles are distributed: The West is in the position of “the Persecutor”, Russia is assigned the role of “the Victim”, and the “savior” is to appear later, as a single center of world power. For now, however, the position of savior hero is generously attributed to Putin. It is a matter of the mass manipulation handbook or the alphabet of social engineering that the instrumentalization of such conflicts, in order to be successful, must leave the manipulator, at the top of the respective triangle, invisible.

In order to decipher such scenarios and avoid the ungrateful position of being a victim of manipulation, or even a propagator of globalist disinformation, we are only required to correctly identify the appropriate framework to read such situations. And, if identifying a system to decode these games on an international scale was more difficult until 2020, the fake Covid -19 pandemic caused a shock strong enough to wake up from reverie.

As I have mentioned in my other texts and interventions, I have noticed, especially since the spring of 2020, that Russia under Putin is playing the game of the globalists by the adherence of the rulers of this country to the genocidal and liberticidal directives of the WHO. The entire narrative of Satanists operating through Big Pharma and the WHO became and remains to this day a mandatory official discourse in Russia. Absolutely all draconian measures under the pretext of health: lockdowns, forced injections, etc; were imposed in Russia as well as everywhere. And Mr. V. Putin has repeatedly appeared as an advertising agent for Big Pharma, promoting mass injection and claiming that he and his daughters have been vaccinated repeatedly. And the one who led the whole “murder by injection” operation, Alexander Ginsbourg, the head of a dubious institute called “Gamaleya National Center of Epidemiology and Microbiology” received the highest state orders from Mr. Putin. Russia remains loyal to the WHO and participates in all meetings of this organization created by the Rockefeller clan in collaboration with other Satanist circles.

More seriously, critics of the genocidal policy were and are being persecuted by the rulers of Russia. Not a little dramatic is the fact that the hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church have once again shown a relationship of subordination to the state, which has remained unchanged since the days of the Bolsheviks. The phenomenon is called Sergianism.

The expression Sergianism, which designates a policy of unconditional loyalty to the Soviet regime practised by the leadership of the Russian Orthodox Church, and is associated with his [Patriarch Sergius] 1927 declaration, is derived from his name. (Wikipedia)[1]

As a necessary remark. The trap of total adherence to the Putin regime, into which some Western intellectuals fall, is not new. The same thing happened during the Cold War, when a lot of Western intellectuals who hated the capitalist system fell into the arms of the Soviets, presenting the USSR as an alternative to the West. Some even became members of communist parties in Europe a few decades ago or joined various Marxist, Maoist, Trotskyist, etc. groups.

The situation is repeated today. Being disgusted and outraged by the globalist plutocracy and its policies in the West, some allow themselves to be seduced by the statist-Orthodox propaganda from Moscow, not understanding that in fact it is only a simulacrum, a Potemkin village[2].

The state of incantation, fascination, hypnosis exerted by the Russian colossus paralyzes any critical spirit, annihilates any trace of lucid analysis. In this this state of wide-eyed dream these intellectuals, who produce valid criticisms when referring to their own countries in Europe, become omnivorous and consume every surrogate of Moscow propaganda. Imperial Russia, the USSR, Nicholas II, Stalin, Lenin's mausoleum, the pentagrams on the Kremlin towers and on the officers' epaulettes, and Orthodoxy are perfectly integrated into this picture of the world.

I have called this kind of anti-globalist network, that sees with only one eye, hears with only one ear, and thinks with onlf half a brain, Neocominternists. Ultimately, it doesn't matter too much if it's about “useful idiots” (Lenin) or mercenaries aware of their mission. What matters is only the intoxication effect of the dissident media in the West who are beginning to believe the Russia-China-BRICS narrative as an alternative to globalism.

I published three articles about BRICS[3, 4, 5] a few months ago, that's why I won't stop here on this globalist construction, which excites so many naive people who hope to escape from the domination of the West. How do you explain to them that Western countries are also colonized by the same private entities or corporations that have colonized the rest of the world, including Russia and China?

I emphasize, the fact that Russia is the target country for the globalists cannot be doubted. But it was still colonized immediately after the collapse of the USSR, just like the other ex-communist countries. The structure of the economy, of political power, of the mainstream media is perfectly homologated to the Western system. The state administration is deeply penetrated by influence networks affiliated with outside power centers, deeply hostile to Russian interests. It is true that the external enemy of Russia is strong, but without its connection with the internal enemy ( the fith column) it would be less dangerous.

To understand how serious the situation in Russia is, it's enough to follow the dynamics of the war in Ukraine. Instead of achieving a quick and definitive victory, the Russian leadership bogged down in a long series of setbacks and retreats from already conquered territories, preferring trench warfare without any significant offensive. Let us hope that Moscow will manage to avoid a second Afghanistan. This is because the involvement of the USSR in the war in this country represented a trap that largely determined the dissolution of the Soviet empire.

As for Russia's cooperation with China, in short, Russia, after being isolated from the West, reoriented the supply of its own energy resources and other natural resources such as wood to this country. If I were to look at the structure of Russia's commercial exchanges, it looks like a “banana republic” with atomic weapons.

For the last few days, supporters of the Putin regime can't stop applauding his visit to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Jubilation flows from the generous pens of the propagandists of globalism à la russe. Hurrah! Putin's international isolation has failed! Vivat! More and more countries want to join BRICS and resort to “de-dollarization” of their economies and trade! In fact, however, there is no occasion for rejoicing. The de-dollarization of the world in favor of subordinating all countries to a single CBDC system is not an occasion for any patriotic analyst to get excited about.

The The Bretton-Woods system is outdated and disintegrating not because Russia, China and, more broadly, the East and South of the world are emancipating themselves in relation to the metropolis, but because the masters of the metropolis decided to change the world economic paradigm. The process of concentration of the world's capital and wealth is over. Classic industrial capitalism, which was succeeded by financial, speculative capitalism, is currently being reshaped in the formula “inclusive capitalism”. The huge technological leap of recent years is rapidly reshaping the entire world. And here Klaus Schwab with his two books ― “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” and “The Great Reset” ― is as explicit as possible in this regard.

So, those who turn themselves into Kremlin sounding boards should take into account that, for example, despite the conflicts with the West, in Russia, as in all other countries, the same globalist agenda is imposed. And this is well known in our circles. It is called Agenda 21/2030. And the globalists' single command center works perfectly through the UN (which already exercises total world governance), the WHO, the Bank for International Settlements, etc. Once again, the entire dystopian agenda of the globalists is being implemented with tremendous speed in all countries, and Russia or China are champions in this regard.

The elimination of cash, the digitization of the entire society, the collection of biometric data, the imposition of electronic documents, the widespread surveillance, the triumph of AI, the expansion of the recipes of 5 and 6 G technology, the suppression of all civil liberties, the adherence to the ideology of fake pademic and vaccinism, here are the nightmarish realities behind horizontal divisions and conflicts.

In our dissident, anti-System, conservative circles it is known what the instruments are for establishing the New World Order and a World Government. Along with fake pandemics and total digitization, the key tool for the enslavement of all humanity and massive depopulation through artificial starvation, wars and mandatory vaccinations is the religion of climate change. Namely, this scientific fake, originally promoted through the globalist organization Club of Rome which than became an act adopted during the 1992 Earth summit in Rio, serves as a pretext for the destruction of the world economy, the imposition of the carbon footprint and the other components of this diabolical plan.

We all know that these very days the Climate Change Conference, or COP28 under UN umbrella, there is taking place in Dubai . And our friends from the Russian government are present there[6, 7]. While visiting the United Arab Emirates, Putin appeared happy on the occasion of this satanist sabbath:

“Today, one of the most important international ecological forums (the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change - COP28 - TASS) is being held in the UAE. The initial results of the Paris agreements are being summarized...”. The Russian president emphasized that “the Russian delegation is very involved in the conference’s work. We wish you success, which I have no doubt you will have”. (TASS)

To conclude, we are forced to note that the old plans of the Luciferians, masked in transnational mega-corporations, in international organizations, seconded by puppet governments, continue their triumphant march throughout the world. The roles are distributed and the actors strictly follow the set script. Any deviation is punishable by death. See the cases of Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya. Plus the series of assassinations during the fake pandemic Covid 19 of leaders of African countries and the Haitian President Jovenel Moïse. Only the servants of the power of darkness remained in leadership positions.

I don't know what tomorrow will bring. We hope for a divine intervention in the course of history and a revolt of the nations. In this context I'm really sorry, but Putin and his regime are not the saviors.

History risks entering its terminal phase, but human nature does not change. Man continues to create his idols, to worship them, and sometimes to be rewarded for divinizing some nullities.

P.S.: Putin mourned the death on the 100th anniversary of the monster and war criminal Kissinger. A long and strange relationship linked these two people, the very rise of the Kremlin leader is said to be linked to it. The Russian president also sent a telegram of condolences to the widow of his spiritual patron, who was also Klaus Schwab's mentor (see

Putin and Klaus Schwab

Poza de profil

Iurie Roșca [Yuri Roshka]

a conservative journalist from the Republic of Moldova, who in the past was an anti-communist dissident, party leader, MP and deputy prime minister, who is now an anti-globalist author with strong Christian and nationalist convictions.