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The death of a political prisoner and its stakes

Let me specify once again, I was never among the sympathizers of Alexey Navalny, who died today in Russia's most severe prison. A political prisoner sentenced to die in prison, that's exactly what the masters of this country coveted, giving him hard years in prison and detaining him in inhumane conditions.

Navalny was liberal and strongly connected to the collective West. He managed to create a vast network of supporters all over Russia, to organize multiple anti-government protest demonstrations. Of course, his figure was associated with the West's intention to shake up Putin's regime and establish a government in Russia more suited to Western interests. These things are generally known. But I wanted to say something else here.

Alexey Navalny

Alexey Navalny

Russia's patriotic press looks grim today. And in today's Russia you can only be a patriot if you are loyal to the regime and don't have any doubt about the genius and immovability of the eternal leader Putin. Navalny's death provoked open jubilation, and for this death are blamed Ukraine/US/UK. Everywhere you can read posthumous denigration of the poor dead man, attacking his widow for speaking on the same day as her husband's death at the Munich Security Conference.

We are not at all surprised that those who posthumously mock and condemn the poor political prisoner say that by his death he is wrecking Putin's triumphal march in the election campaign. But these neo-Soviet propagandists, hopelessly contaminated by the poison of class warfare and lumpen-proletarian hatred, say nothing about the fact that today's election campaign is nothing but an ordinary scam. Amending the Constitution on the Belarusian model to allow Putin to run again is a taboo matter in today's Russia. The mafia clan in power cannot play at democracy, the stakes are too high, namely maintaining control of the country's immense wealth.

The lack of compassion and condolences, even if only formal, to this man's family is monstruous. And no one in the camp of state-affiliated patriots has mentioned a word about the BASIC CAUSE for the annihilation of this opponent of power. Alexey Navaly has produced a multitude of documentary films revealing with consistent evidence the corruption and enormous wealth of the leading figures in Russia's state hierarchy, including that of the untouchable and immaculate Putin. Which is why an attempt was made to assassinate him by poisoning, followed by the judicial farce and imprisonment.

No less sad is the fact that the supposedly alternative press in the West, which has become accustomed to fanatical admiration of Putin, has joined in the same shameful chorus of denigration of the deceased opponent. Witnesses of the Putin cult confuse the interests of Russia with the interests of the mafia that has captured power in this country. And if you are not among the members of the pro-Putin religious sect, you are immediately categorised as an agent of American imperialism.

I fully understand the perfidy and diabolical plans of the Westerners who are seeking Putin's ouster in the interests of the Western corporatocracy and oligarchy. But I also understand just as well that Putin is himself the embodiment of Russia's corporatocracy and oligarchy, which has usurped power in this state not for the happiness of its own people, but in the criminal interests of the clan.

Of course, politics has never been immaculate, but the groupings that control the Russian state believe that they can commit any abuse and any crime indefinitely without worrying about the consequences. In their view, appearances can endlessly replace authenticity, repression can endlessly annihilate any critical voice, and conflict with the West can endlessly serve as a pretext for the destruction of any form of political opposition or criticism of power.

Mr Putin was in no hurry to express his condolences to the widow of Alexey Navalny, who died at the age of 47, instead he sent a message of compassion to the widow of Henry Kissinger, when this sinister character went to hell at the age of 100.

Putin and those who lead him believe themselves to be invincible, masters of geopolitical chess, allies of China, etc. He (or, more precisely, those who lead him) has not yet understood or perhaps has not recognised, for example, that the adventure in Ukraine was a trap set by Western strategists, a kind of Afghanistan-2.

It seems that the Kremlin has not yet realised the gravity of Navalnyi's death either, believing that exercising total control over the press and terrorising any critical opinion is enough to keep this Potemkin village going for ever.

I do not rule out the possibility that today's tragic event, which has been exploited extremely cleverly by perfidious Western strategists, will not affect the stability of power in Russia too much. But even in this case, the long-distance game played by the West against Russia manages to contribute to the accumulation of negative social energies that can explode at any moment.

We don't know if today's tragedy will turn into a turning point in the political situation in Russia. I am referring to what in such cases political scientists and experts in mass psychology call the “Triggering Event”. Nor do I claim that an overthrow of the Putin regime would be good for this country. But one thing is certain. The Kremlin can very quickly reach an impasse from which not only the ruling elite, but the entire country itself, will not be able to emerge. And nuclear weapons and other marvels of military technology are useless in such cases.

Vladimir Putin

Russia's gravediggers today are not just in the West. They are cooperating very effectively with the 5th column in this country, which is not among Navalnyi's supporters, but in the Kremlin cabinets. They are making brilliant use of the mediocrity and thirst for power of people like Putin.

The world is in the grip of some extremely dangerous turbulence. It smells of world war. And today's episode could accelerate the explosion of the major contradictions between the great madmen of the international game.

God forgive Alexey Navalny.

Shame on those who posthumously mock him.

Shame on those who use his death in the fight against Putin.

Shame on Putin for his death.

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Iurie Roșca [Yuri Roshka]

a conservative journalist from the Republic of Moldova, who in the past was an anti-communist dissident, party leader, MP and deputy prime minister, who is now an anti-globalist author with strong Christian and nationalist convictions.