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The Big Picture of History: lessons for today

This presentation is based on my book The Predators versus The People, which is available in seven languages on substack [1] .

The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Bad

The tree and the snake were part of Paradise! By divine design, creative and curious human beings could not resist it: to put us all to the test?

An unprecedented development of the human potential took off, both for the Good (agriculture, science, art, script, crafts, certain technologies) as well as for Evil (slavery, usury, abuse, wars, certain technologies).

The resulting hierarchic societies (often built on slavery) and improved technologies led to globalization already 5000 years ago: the global trade became the “rich” trade (bullion, multicolor slaves, spices, luxury products).


The rich trade enabled enormous accumulations of capital, almost everywhere, in Asia, Africa and Europe. Usury took a flight, oligarchies developed. But only Europe became the “monstrous shaper of world history” (Braudel): why?

Around 1500, a new global domination plan was born in the Mediterranean, by Venetians, Genoese, and ex-Iberian Jews: here called Glafia. It’s a Predator class of dynastic banking/merchant families, not bound to any nation, religion, race, or ethnicity, for whom the Satanic end – to run the earth as their private farm with us humans as their cattle – justifies any means.

They knew that their rule over the world could only be established through (covert) proxies. Coincidentally, nation states were on the rise in Europe.

The Nation States, Glafia’s first national proxies

The Genoese bankers had discovered how they could “remote control” the Spanish empire through mobile capital. Glafia then used this template systematically. It infiltrated and captured the upcoming European nation states, which they controlled via usurious central banking (protected by laws), capital (bribery and investment), and fake democracies (deceit). This unique fusion between the state and capital was the key for their success (F. Braudel, G. Arrighi). Anarchists were right about the perfidious role of the nation state!

By dominating the money system (central banks) and injecting capital in the captured – but officially “autonomous” - nation states, normally impossible projects – large scale discovery, colonization, revolutions, wars, science, technology, and “development” - became possible, ending the phase of organic growth.

The hegemonic cycles

Catholic Spain, then the greatest empire of the world, was sidelined as their hegemon, for not being usury and Jew-friendly. From the early 1500’s on, Holland and England were gradually groomed to become the next, now Protestant, hegemons.

The Reformation, the Dutch independence from Spain, the Cromwell and Glorious revolutions in England, the central banks and “democracies” in Holland (1609) and England (1694), and the East India Companies in both, were all Glafia-steered and financed. Each hegemonic cycle is divided into three phases: a merchant or accumulation phase (often financed by the previous hegemon), a phase of industrial expansion, and finally a period of financialization, dominated by the banking sector (the early merchants, turned into bankers). From the 1830’s, the USA was prepared (Rothschild money set up the robber barons, civil war, etc.). It’s financialization – and final – phase started already in 1971 (even Imagine by The Beatles was part of it!).

During the last 100+ years, China/Russia were groomed as the new oligarchic horses for Glafia’s chariot, under the same fusion of capital and the state. This hegemonic operation goes under the shiny brand of the multipolar world order but is directed by the same Predators. Meanwhile the still dormant West undergoes controlled demolition.

During previous hegemonic changes, wars were always on the menu. And so today, with a not yet seen change from West to East. The Western “elites” know that the East will irrevocably take the baton over (Macron, 2019), but before that, both parties (both Glafia proxies!) agreed on a bloody theater war in the Ukraine, to dump their old hardware, test their new weapons, train their armies (Russia) and fill their pockets and vaults to the brim.

Gaza fits a similar purpose. Under the new paradigm, the dehumanized Israelis (by Glafia design, they were duped to enter the cage in which they were constantly poked) are an obstacle that must be removed. If you believe Scott Ritter, Israel is already in checkmate.

The methodology to colonize the globe

Three phases can be distinguished:

  1. The discovery and conquest of Third World, the low hanging fruit (started in the 15th century, finished in 1914), to later transform all colonies into “autonomous” nation states, under subordinate elites.
  2. The conquest of Eurasia with its 13 large Empires, the high hanging fruit (prepared long in advance, with WW1 in 1914 as overture): the Great 20th Century Slaughter of Eurasia, staged by Glafia’s Anglo-American-Zionist proxies, who came out as heroes, still serenaded every year, while they set up all bogeymen, Hitler included!
  3. With ALL LANDS colonized, the next phase is to bring ALL PEOPLE under control, this time via technology: the Global Digital prison, in preparation since at least 60 years (Brzezinski). This is the End Game, for which 9/11 was the overture, Covid a trial, etc.

The Jews: Glafia’s oldest international proxies

From 1200 BC, Phoenicia (Canaan), ideally placed for the “rich” trade, halfway between Europe and Asia, was the first “modern” empire, the pioneer and trendsetter for globalization, capitalism, and multinational corporations. The Phoenicians also established Europe’s (black) aristocracy (Charles’ crowning stone!).

Jews and Phoenicians were almost indistinguishable until 270 BC, when the Hebrew Bible was written by a team of experts in Alexandria, who followed Plato’s advice to set up a nation state. The common Jews were duped, to weaponize them for the nefarious purpose of a small (Phoenician, Jewish or both?) elite. They were most probably also duped in their expulsion from Spain, which was very similar to what happened in the 20th century. And recently, as Pfizer’s lab rats, and now the Gaza trap, leading to Israel’s demise (announced by Kissinger, Ehud Barak).

Deceit is everywhere: “All the world’s a stage” (W. Shakespeare)

  • Media (black magic, occult symbolism), education
  • Endless protection rackets, incl. communism, Hitler, 9/11, Covid, CO2, and even Nature (which decides with what sex you are born), etc.
  • $cientism (the Enlightenment was an Endarkenment), materialism, wokism, transgenderism and transhumanism (technology vs. nature)
  • The hoax of America’s superior capitalism and liberalism
  • The fake “autonomous” nation states
  • Fake democracies, a centuries long confidence game now ending
  • Wars and revolutions, now in Ukraine, Gaza

Overview of the book

After Covid, millions of people understand one thing: they've been fooled. Yet they are still wondering WHY all these strange things could happen. Many have already figured out that it's very difficult to find the answer on the internet or in books. That's because only a wide and deep analysis of global history can give us the Big Picture of the past, as the necessary framework for a proper understanding of what we go through today, and what we may expect to come.

/The Predators versus The People/, a clear and engaging book with a deep and independent analysis of history, explains why so many strange things are happening now. It's an honest, logical and no-nonsense narrative of global history, counter to the false official version we've all been spoon fed almost every day of our lives. Currently, the book is split in two parts, Globalism: The Real Story (Part A), complemented by Globalism: 46 Highlights (Part B), a reference work with 46 brief essays on crucial topics. Improvements and additions will be forthcoming.

The Real Story starts with an overview of early global history, including the falsified scientific foundations of the origins of the Universe, Life and Man. It then focuses on the umpteenth attempt for the domination of the world, this time by a Global Mafia, or Glafia. This group of dynastic banking families, not bound to any nation, religion, race, or ethnicity, is here named The Predators. Their Plot took shape around 1522 and was the first based on the power of CAPITAL and DECEIT. Now, five centuries later, it's nearing completion with the WEF’s The Great Reset.

Based on a large body of converging evidence, a good part from highly respected historians, this work provides the burden of proof that the main global events in the last five centuries were driven by these Predators. From the start, Glafia has operated this enormous project through proxies. It made Europe's upcoming "sovereign" nation states its first proxies, which it controlled via usurious central banking and bribery (capital), and fake democracies (deceit). These European proxy states were then tasked and financed to colonize the "low-hanging fruit", the lands and people in the Third World. Centuries afterwards, Glafia organized their fake decolonization.

Eurasia's empires, the "high-hanging fruit", were the hardest nut to crack. A large operation of wars, crises and revolutions was prepared far in advance. It became The Great 20th Century Slaughter of Eurasia, with 200+ million deaths. All bogeymen in its many protection rackets - communism and Hitler included - were set up by Glafia's UK/US/Zionist proxies. Yet, through deceit by treasonous academia and media, Glafia’s British and American inciters of The Great Slaughter are still feted as the greatest liberators ever, while its Zionist proxies still pose as the greatest victims ever. The West was also used as an incubator for advanced science and technology.

During a centuries long confidence game, Glafia corrupted and captured all our 193 fake sovereign and fake democratic governments, which are now acting as "traitors within the gates", with Covid as proof of the totalitarian pudding. With ALL LANDS under Glafia control, their aim for the 21st century is to control ALL PEOPLE individually, via The Great Reset / IVth Industrial Revolution, the End Game to install their Global Digital Prison (with CBDC, UBI, carbon budgets, etc.).

After earlier cycles of this domination project with Spain, Holland, England, and the USA as Western hegemons, Glafia's new global leader states China and Russia, both groomed since decades, are now taking the baton over for the fifth cycle. The current shift, the first from the West to the East, is carried out under the cover of military and germ wars, and a new “benevolent multipolar world order”, while the still deceived and dormant West is being demolished.

The explosive revelations about the hundreds of millions of victims in the ruthless Predator projects to colonize the globe, and in the many horrendous wars, revolutions, crises, and other atrocities which they staged and still carry out, are shocking. But that isn't all: their hidden spiritual war on "WE, the People", an Endarkenment masked as the Enlightenment, alienated humanity from Nature and the Universe, especially in the West. That's why a rediscovery of the essence of life is the revolution WE need.

Please save yourself the huge and confusing hassle of figuring it all out on your own! With the peace of mind which this book brings, you can turn your attention to finding ways to regain our stolen planet, freedom and future.

Early civilizations

Civilization has been typified as cities, money and script.

Poza de profil

M. Baaijen


Mees grew up in simple-life rural Holland. Worked in 7 countries on 4 continents. Atheist since age 12, he now believes that the Enlightenment was an Endarkenment, to alienate us from the Universe (Tao, God), from where our power derives.