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Globalism and Sacrifice

Dear friends,

It's a pleasure and an honor to be able to speak to you today, at this Congress. Despite my physical absence, be assured of my spiritual presence at your side. I would like to thank the organizers of this major event and in particular Iurie Roșca for his invitation. I hope to be with you for a future session of this Forum, which works for the maintenance and survival of our civilization, so precious and so abused.

To do this, we need to know in depth the principles of our enemies and the great movements that are taking place.

So I'd like to talk to you about a subject I know well and have been working on for over a decade: the return of human sacrifice, in connection with Globalism. In analyzing this theme, one key idea became clear to me: globalism is based on the concept of the regeneration of the world. This idea is present in Kabbalah with the Sephirot, and in Islam with the tawhid, which requires a monistic vision of the world. This concept is making a falsely secularized comeback among our leaders, whether in government or in Davos. The old world must die before the new one can be born.

This world, imperfect as they see it, is facing crises that are creating disorder. This disorder is not in itself bad, since it will ultimately enable the creation and advent of a new order. This is the core, the nuclear heart of globalist thinking, summed up here in a few words. The ordo ab chaos, the great esoteric idea, rules us today. The terms "Great Reset", or The terms "Great Reset" and "Great Reinitialization" are nothing more than actualizations of this concept.

I propose three parts to illustrate my points. First, progressivism as a step backwards. Second, war as bloody sacrifice. Finally, the great global reset as the final project of modernity.

Progressivism as a step backwards

The idea of progress is not new, nor is it inherently negative. Indeed, Christianity, the foundation of our civilization, enables us to escape from the archaic world by giving us a free will which, if properly used, enables a form of progress in our lives. Medicine, science, technology and all the great positive human advances are the fruit of this idea.

But it is no longer this idea of positive progress that is imposed on us. It's the idea of material and ideological progress, with the messianic goal of a new man. If the French Revolution demanded the severing of ties with Heaven, with God, the current revolution, via transhumanism, demands the severing of our biological ties. Clearly, everything must disappear: men, women, parents, children - nothing exists outside our desire. We have become, according to the preachers of these movements, god-men. Like new, individual, narcissistic Adam, we could give life to what we desire, simply by naming it.

This desire is also a key to understanding Mondialism. I don't have time to go into detail, so I'll take just one example: gender transitions. This madness is - and I'm not afraid to use words, and I'll shout it out as long as God gives me life - a modern human sacrifice. According to Aristotelian logic, a being is in a state of potency before it is in act. Here, a young male child is a man in potential, and will be a man in deed once he has been purified. By blocking his development, society - which I'm not afraid to call satanic - destroys the act prior to this development.

the act before this development. The future is prevented; it's a new abortion, outside the woman's body, which destroys the body of the child already born. It is this desire for death that is induced in the brains of our young people. As desire is mimetic, it is extremely dangerous to manipulate the youth of our fragile nations in this way.

In the archaic world, human sacrifice took place after what René Girard has called sacrificial crises. In this pre-Christian world, based on the ordo ab chaos, there was widespread indifferentiation and the end of natural hierarchies. As a result, mimetic desire spread throughout the community, with everyone wanting the same object of power, the same woman, the same destiny. To get out of this chaos, a scapegoat was designated, and we moved from a war of all against all to a war of all against one. This scapegoat was then deified, until the next chaos returned in a cyclical vision of human history that gave rise to the myths of antiquity.

But today, nothing has changed. Or rather, everything has returned. Today, indifferentiation is total, hierarchies have fallen. Men and women are indistinguishable, children and parents are indistinguishable, and so are teachers and students. Worse still, the individual is indistinguishable from God, with each person creating his or her own individual religion. Imagine, dear friends, that in France today, 49% of Catholics no longer believe in heaven, and 64% no longer even believe in hell. Nearly 20% of French people say they have no religion, and 7% of these believe in a personal god. Transcendence is denied, and only immanence is placed on a dangerous pedestal.

Contrary to the Enlightenment project, the secularization of Western Europe is coming to an end. In the end, it will have been nothing more than a profoundly anti-Catholic movement, as sects of all kinds flourish and prosper. Protestants, Islam for Europe, radical Judaism for Israel - once again, demographics will prevail. In 25 years' time, Europe will once again be a religious continent, but at what price. The rise of religions based on the absence of God's sacrifice will have only one logical consequence: the return of human sacrifice. If God no longer sacrifices himself for mankind, men will sacrifice themselves for false gods. The inauguration of the Saint Gothard tunnel in Switzerland is a fine illustration of the return of archaic religions and the violence they underpin.1

Meanwhile, new primitive religions are making a comeback. I'm thinking here of the myth of Gaia, the mother goddess, who is in mortal danger from her evil sons: us humans. This all-powerful mother then demands sacrifices: white Catholic men must disappear, as they would be the cancer of the suffering Earth. Through figures like Greta Tunberg, this religion leads young people down the worst possible path. That of death. We reject our biological role by refusing to give life, by refusing to marry, by refusing to submit to the basics of Natural Law. In 2022, 30,000 vasectomies were performed in France, compared with just 2,000 in 2010. In 10 years, the Gaiatic religion, through what I have called a sacrificial matriarchy, has destroyed the psyche of European youth and enabled a "sacrificial great replacement" that I have called "the great replacement". a "great sacrificial replacement" that should be fought. As nature abhors a vacuum, what is weak is replaced by what is strong.

As in archaic religions, the innocent are the first to suffer. The rise of pedocriminal aberrations, widespread abortion, now even enshrined in the Constitution of the French Republic, but also French children murdered by recidivist foreigners, poor Lola obviously the victim of a North African ritual sacrifice. Nothing is spared us, nothing is spared our future, which is embodied by our youth.

As we can see, dear friends, progressivism is not progress, but a gigantic step backwards, with the addition of technical means. It's a return to the primitive practices of scapegoating and human sacrifice. The big difference is that we're all potential scapegoats, we're all being handed over to the globalist Moloch, and all for the so-called "Good".

What lies behind the evil called "wokism" is all this. The death of the body, the hatred of the body itself, because the hatred of the Incarnation. Indeed, from the earliest days of the struggle against Christ, the body was designated as the enemy of good. God having become incarnate in man, through the hypostatic union, Satan, in his jealousy, agitates to fight the human body preferred by God. This is the great project of all gnoses: the body is a prison from which we must escape in order to free ourselves.

War as bloody sacrifice

War is now everywhere. On our doorstep, on every street corner, in Ukraine, Asia Minor, Africa, everywhere. These wars are also linked to the return of human sacrifice. Indeed, they have their roots in the French Revolution, still the mother of all modern evils. Let's take a quick look at the sacrificial proponents of this major stage in globalism. The death of the King of France, then considered to be Christ's Lieutenant, i.e. the one who took the place of the true King of France, Christ himself, was a ritual sacrifice. The blood of Christ, here again in a satanic vision of the world, flows again and renews the world. In so doing, the revolutionaries reopened an era of cycles ruled by the ordo ab chaos. After the King, the people were to follow. The Terror was the next logical step, with the sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of innocent children, women, priests and commoners. We need to renew the people in order to renew the world.

The rise to extremes that Clausewitz spoke of is in reality a consequence of mimetic desire. This mimetism, at the heart of our humanity, is an opportunity, because it enables us to imitate God through Christ, and thus aim for holiness. But the modern world does everything it can to create a skewed desire, a negative mimeticism.

The case of October 7 is a beautiful and disastrous illustration of this. Hamas's war crime, possibly largely enabled by Israeli power, shows how this mimicry, when allied with spirituality, leads to the worst human horrors. Netanyahu cites "the prophecy of Isaiah" for his inhuman vengeance. Here again, regenerating the people for messianic purposes, in a deafening diplomatic silence. Hundreds of thousands dead, most of them children.

In this respect, let's not forget that the industrialized war of 1914-1918 somehow sanctified the Republic. The blood of the people was spilled for the republican goddess, and she found her heroes and established her legitimacy in history. Is the blood of the Ukrainians intended to sanctify NATO, whose death had been foretold for many years? That's for the leaders to answer.

The great global reset as the final project of modernity

As we can see, dear friends, the Great Global Reset is just another stage in the great Satanic project of the revolutionary regeneration of peoples. When it comes to economics, the World Economic Forum's top man is guided by the same principles. Based on the economist Joseph Schumpeter, the idea of destructive creation2 is promoted. Indeed, small businesses, the self-employed, family-run enterprises - all these edifications of popular labor don't fit into the right boxes, so they have to go. Don't worry, says Klaus Schwab, a destroyed economy will automatically create a new one, thanks to digital technology. This is the famous new revolution of the post-modern era, the merits of which Laurent Alexandre also extols. Everything that is embodied must disappear, everything must become mobile, virtual, impalpable.

Once again, we must destroy in order to rebuild.

Our body, by analogy with our imperfect world, is nothing but a prison. What a bad creation God is for transhumanists, because we're going to die one day! Implanting chips, connecting consciousness to digital interfaces - this is the final project of modernity, the one that will finally change our era. After destroying space and time, biology and transcendence, we'll finally be happy, for the "Good" of "Humanity", in a kind of ultra-technological Matrix. Our bodies, useless as they are, will be destroyed, and our minds will be free to wander in eternal pursuit of nothingness. This would be the victory of Chaos over Ordo, the end of the infernal cycle, but above all a victory of Death over Life.

In Christianity, eternal life does exist, but it's at the opposite end of the spectrum. These transhumanist projects are antics of the divine project. Our soul is eternal, yes, but ultimately destined to return to the Creator, to God, after the human experience. Only God creates ex nihilo; man is only a creature and will never be the creator of a new god. Neither he, nor the machine, nor any hybrid version, will ever be able to equal God. As my late friend Jacques Carbou, author of La Mécanisation de l'esprit3 , used to say to me, "Let's remain optimistic: they can do nothing against Heaven.

I'm running out of time and would have liked to say a thousand things, but I must conclude. If I can leave you with one idea, I'd ask you to keep this one in mind: human sacrifice is back, because we no longer practice the Holy Mass, in which Christ sacrifices himself anew, in an unbloody way, in the renewal of his bloody Sacrifice. Behind these attacks, it is Christ who is targeted, as always, He who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. His Passion must inspire our fight and our perseverance. Dear friends, let's stay the course and continue our work. To all of you, the expression of my highest consideration. In union of prayers.

Poza de profil

S. Durain

Author, director and publisher at "Éditions du Verbe Haut", Sylvain Durain specializes in the themes of patriarchy and matriarchy, family, political and religious systems, and the return of human sacrifice in our modern societies.