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Letter from Garry Robson

Dr. hab Garry Robson, prof UJ
Professor of Sociology, Jagiellonian University Institute of American Studies,
Reymonta 4, 30-059, Krakow
garry.robson (at)

As a British citizen, academic professor at the University in Krakow, and supporter of the democratic freedoms and processes the people of Moldova had to fight so hard to obtain, I express grave concern at the treatment currently being meted out by his own government to the dissident author, journalist and former politician Iurie Rosca.

Mr. Rosca, a devout Christian and trusted man of principle, has for many years served his country with passion, fortitude and dignity, working first to help achieve, and then to maintain, Moldovan independence. It is ironic that Iurie, who has worked long and tirelessly in the cause of national political autonomy and democracy, is being harassed and threatened with imprisonment ― on the basis of charges that are highly questionable from a legal standpoint, to say the least ― only months before the holding of what will effectively be a national referendum on whether Moldova should join the European Union, of which he has been outspokenly critical.

Iurie Rosca has, in fact, devoted his life to promoting the values and principles purported to be highly esteemed by that organization ― just as he has struggled, on the other hand, to prevent Moldova from being drawn into the Russian sphere of influence. His critical engagement with these vast entities on either side which would, given the chance and in his view, compromise his country’s continuing, hard-won independence, should make him an inspiration for all who value lawful and benign patriotism and embrace the principle of national sovereignty, and yet he is being treated as a common criminal in order, one can only assume, to try and get him out of the way.

I urge anyone who sees this message to spread the word and the other material being generated in support of Iurie, to alert others to what is being done to this faithful servant of his country and people, and in particular to make their concerns about this outrageous situation known to Moldovan Embassies and state bodies, relevant organs of the European Union, and any other forum in which this information might be usefully circulated.


Garry Robson

Poza de profil

G. Robson

Garry Robson from England, now living in Poland, is Professor of Sociology at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland, and the main organizer of the conference ”The Rise of the Digital Technocracy”, which was held at the end of September 2023, on the 28th and 29th. His most recent book is ”Virtually Lost: Young Americans in the Digital Technocracy”.