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Iurie Rosca is being persecuted

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The small country of Moldova, set between Rumania and Ukraine, was once part of the Soviet Union. Its present government is controlled by the globalist mafia, through the usual scheme of “traitors within the gates” which is now generalized around the world.

The brave writer, journalist and activist Iurie Rosca has been leading the opposition against the integration of Moldova into globalist schemes as the European Union and NATO. His views on the world and our history - which are identical to mine - have recently been spread in the West through Meryl Nass, Edward Slavsquat and two interviews with Iurie on UkColumn.

Recently, the globalist forces have started an obviously fake trial against Iurie in an attempt to silence him. For more details, see the text below by the courageous Romanian writer Calistrat Atudorei.

Even if you have never heard about Iurie and are not a Christian, please do a little prayer for him!

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Mees grew up in simple-life rural Holland. Worked in 7 countries on 4 continents. Atheist since age 12, he now believes that the Enlightenment was an Endarkenment, to alienate us from the Universe (Tao, God), from where our power derives.