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To put under lock and key Iurie Roșca


Iurie Roșca, whom I interviewed [1] last year, is in imminent danger of being jailed by the Moldovan régime. His persistent, reasoned opposition to Moldova joining the European Union is well-known and has been enunciated in a series of books, as well as in public campaigning and speeches.

President Maia Sandu gave her assent just two weeks ago to a Treason Act that muzzles criticism [2] of the Moldovan Government's course towards the EU and NATO, and earlier this week the European Union formally opened talks [3] on Moldovan accession.

It is not hard to work out why Iurie Roșca has been receiving summons to court in just the past couple of weeks, despite a doctor's certificate of ill health. There is no apparent urgency in this matter; the criminal charges relate to an allegation from 2009 and were lodged seven years ago! (However, he was not informed of them for the first year.) [4]

Calistrat Atudorei has outlined the preposterousness [5] of the "influence-peddling" criminal charge against him.

I urge those who read this to spread the word regarding this persecution of a Christian dissident by an EU candidate country. Being imprisoned in Moldova can be a death sentence in any of several nasty ways. What would be very useful would be for large numbers to contact the Embassy of Moldova in their country or any Moldovan judicial or state bodies of whom they are aware, to point out that what is being done to Iurie Roșca is being watched widely.

Alex Thomson,

June 28, 2024

  4. The declarations of Yuri's lawyer:
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Alexander C. Thomson is an UK Column News, Bible translation consultant, freelance interpreter, Christian activist, UK, Netherlands.