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Message full of concern to the Moldovan authorities

Dear President of Moldavia,
Dear Prime Minister,
Dear Members of Parliament,
Dear Minister of Justice,
Dear Prosecur General,
Dear Superior Council of Magistracy,

Hello to you all,

I heard the news that lurie Rosca, former politician from Moldavia, might be imprisoned for his fight for the common people and for a better, more transparant and safer world.

Yuri Roshka giving a speech

I am a grandmother from Belgium and I for my part, am absolutely stunned about what our government is doing to its Belgian citizens at the moment.

Our small country has become a gray, dead looking place full of industrial buildings and blocks which replace grass- and farmlands (many of these blocks have been built during the Covid period), practically everyone chronically ill, many who have died during the Covid years, an astonishingly amount of new apartment blocks everywhere - again many been built since the Covid 19 months, farmers who are pestered to pieces, extremely unhealthy foods wrapped in ever more plastics in out supermarkets which have become ridiculously expensive, internet etc which rises its bills every three months now, many people who loose their jobs here at the moment, government members who do not answer our emails or letters anymore, media who do not give us the right information anymore, traffic fines which have tripled, elections that don’t feel right, doctors and pharmaceuticals who can’t help us, the sun, that beautiful centrepiece of all our lives…gone…gone…gone, rain rain rain and so much more.

lurie seemed to me a man who fights against all of this unnecessary and superficial darkness.

I ask you all: What has become of the world and humanity which blatantly locks up its good citizens all over the world, who do fight for the common people?

I ask you as a grandmother: What has gotten into you all?

What is wrong with all of you?



Poza de profil

P. Verschaueren

Artist and illustrator - Belgium. Chronically ill for a long time. Got better via self study and Functional Medicine doctors. Chronically ill mother. Chronically child and grandchild. That is how she found out that things are not what they seem.