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The well-known Romanian patriot Iurie Roșca is in danger of being imprisoned!

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The Moldovan lackeys of globalism are rushing intensely these days to silence Iurie Roșca, as he has been creating for decades a strong current of opinion that systematically exposed the criminal agenda of the trans-national plutocracy.

For almost 30 years, after leaving the first stage of the politics of the Republic of Moldova, Iurie Roșca disclosed with a remarkable capacity for comprehension, force of expression and enthuziastic easiness almost all the movements and strategies by which the globalist octopus seeks to enslave the world. His articles, books and especially his video transmissions have awakened hundreds of thousands of people from Romania/Moldova, as well as from many other countries, to reality. From the hidden resorts of domestic and international politics, to the genocide of the Covid „pandemic” or to the trans-humanist agenda, almost nothing essential escaped the fine analysis of the ex-politician from Chisinau. All these analyses, brought to an exceptional level of competence, were based on a huge volume of studies regarding the works of most relevant authors in each field addressed. Those studies and researches were added to his extensive experience (almost 20 years) as a politician: president of the People’s Christian Democratic Party, vice-president of the Parliament and deputy prime minister of the Republic of Moldova.

What exactly is Iurie Roșca currently accused for?

The accusations launched from the governors have been particularly numerous over time. Several criminal files were fabricated against him, he was banned from entering Romania (the only case of this type), there were assassination attempts against him, many of the sites where he publishes his articles were closed. But the trial that seems to be prepared with great determination for the specific purpose of put him down is categorized as an „influence peddling dossier”. An absurd accusation, brought without any evidence in 2017 through a simple denunciation. The denunciator, a former administrator of a commercial company, claimed that in 2009 Roșca had requested him one million euros (!!) to save him (the administrator who later became the accuser) from an economic litigation. The respective administrator claims now that after he was found guilty by a court, he would have given part of the money to Roșca, but because the situation was not „resolved”…, he demanded his money back through a lawsuit.

The fact that the file is a very bad counterfeited case is obvious even from the simple observation of the judicial process. Iurie Roșca was notified of the accusation only in 2018, a year after the file was drawn up, without any criminal investigation being taken against him in the meantime. How did the denunciator wait so many years without making any possible complaint?! Yet in 2018 the file is moving forward, with such a high speed that the prosecutors dodged the stages of the criminal investigation procedure and urgently sent the file to the court. The rush made them to skip the hearing of defense witnesses, refuse to grant any deadline for the presentation of evidence, and also refuse to conduct the additional expertise required by law. Interestingly, after the trial was initiated, in order to instill bureaucracy confusions, the case was passed through the hands of three judges. In this whole process the only „evidence” invoked by the prosecutors was the statement of that denunciator. Of the two defense witnesses, the courts admitted only one, but because he was not in the country, Iurie Roșca was demanded (illegally) to make judicial statements before the respective witness who could not come. Since Roșca invoked the need to comply with the procedure, the court hallucinatingly deprived him of the right to submit statements in his own criminal case, which, according to his lawyer, represents a „legislative absurdity”.

Another element that shows the haste and blind fury of the System comes against the background of the fact that at the judicial date of June 18, 2024, Iurie Roșca could not appear at the court because he was hospitalized due to nervous consumption and other health problems. However, the judge ordered that he be forcibly brought to court, despite the fact that the defense presented the medical certificate regarding hospitalization.

The next deadline was set for June 26, 2024, but the date and time were chosen exactly when Roșca’s lawyer was scheduled to assist a client in another criminal case. The procedure established by the judge in the present case did not comply with the legal norms for meeting the conditions of participation, a fact that was obviously deliberate.

The notorious dissident from Chisinau

I think that the information presented regarding the way in which the trial of Iurie Roșca is being instrumented leaves no room for too many doubts. The finding that emerges is that we are dealing with a Stalinist type trial in which the verdict is fixed in advance and any other legislative stages are nothing more than insignificant formalities. Here is that in the Republic of Moldova, on the orders of some gray eminences, such processes are still possible.

The reason for this brutal repression, which is in progress (!) is that, given the current dramatic acceleration of international events, the System believes that Iurie Roșca’s voice and actions can no longer be tolerated.

In this context, it is necessary to note a particularly impactful initiative that the journalist, writer and political analyst Iurie Roșca has been carrying out with great success since 2018, i.e. the exact year in which the current trial was brought to the table. The extremely disturbing initiative consists in organizing a series of conferences under the auspices of the „Chisinau Forum”, which benefits from a wide international participation. The presentations given are each time broadcasted both live and afterwards on multiple media channels around the world. This year’s May session, for example, had the theme „Unrestricted War – A Holistic Approach to the Great Reset” and brought together prominent figures from nearly 20 countries. To name a few, I mention Daniel Estulin, Meryl Nass, James Roguski, Ana-Maria Mihalcea, Todd Callender, Olle Johansson, Fred Nazar or Alex Newman. The presentations made offered seminal clarifications regarding the major crises humanity is currently facing. The echoes of the information released on that occasion continue to resound in the alternative media today.

In order to better outline the activity of Iurie Roșca, I will also mention some of the works written and published by him in recent years: „The Fall from the USSR to the EU”, „Orthodoxy and Economic Nationalism”, „The Conspiracy of the Red Demons”, „The National Interest as a Modus Vivendi”, „Notes of a Christian Optimist”, „Lucidity Exercises”, „Exiting the Darkness”, „Dinosaurs of the Soviet regime, the Tartars of Moldovan corruption”, „Humanity 2.0 – depopulated and augmented”.

These lines are intended to be an alarm signal regarding the current very difficult situation of a personality who represents an important landmark of the culture and dignity of the Romanian nation. Iurie Roșca is really in danger of being lynched by the servants of the International Mafia, this demonic clique that he unmasked with an almost insane courage. It would be desirable for those who still have some respect for the authentic values of the Romanian people (people in which I also include the brothers from beyond the Prut river) to create some kind of public pressure through against which the so-called „authorities” from Chisinau to show even a modicum of decency. It is about a Man who shaped the lives and conceptions of thousands of his fellow and who for decades did nothing but speak aloud truths that others dared not even whisper.

Personally, I express my respect and gratitude towards Iurie Roșca, whom I value as a brother, a mentor and a model of attitude in the face of the eschatological challenges we are experiencing in present times.

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C. Atudorei


Calistrat Marvin Atudorei, PhD in political philosophy and the author of ”America’s Plans for World Hegemony”, Romania