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The last Call for Salvation

Foreword by Yuri Roshka, your guide to the Truth

As the Global Kabbal progresses towards ushering in a technocratic and transhumanist tyranny, I feel compelled to utilize every available avenue to rouse the populace and urge them to oppose the impending catastrophe. With unfolding events, it becomes increasingly clear that this could be our final opportunity to secure the future we rightfully deserve and thwart the malevolent agenda of global enslavement. In this critical juncture, it's imperative for each individual to awaken to the reality of the situation and stand united against the encroaching threats to our freedom and autonomy. By coming together in solidarity, we can harness our collective strength to challenge and dismantle the systems seeking to subjugate humanity. Let us not falter in our resolve but instead forge ahead with courage and determination, knowing that our actions today will shape the course of tomorrow for generations to come

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If you're not convinced, yet, that our future is threatened see my articles that expose their plans

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Now I am actively working on spreading the truth to as many souls and to awaken them for a last stance to protect their lives. I try to achieve this through different means, one of them, and my main focus, is to organize Chișinău Forum, an international and independent event where the brightest minds from all over the world meet to expres their concerns about, and disscuss possible solutions to, the the forced global agenda.

Wichtige Ankündigung

Am Vorabend des internationalen Treffens des Chisinau Forum 2024, das vom 25. bis 26. Mai stattfinden wird, kündigt Juri Roshka die Veröffentlichung seines neuen Buches auf Englisch, Deutsch und Französisch mit dem Titel 📕„Menschheit 2.0: entvölkert und erweitert“ an. Im Anhang finden Sie das Cover dieses Buches und das vom Autor verfasste Vorwort.
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We are all aware that the world is currently at a critical moment unprecedented in history. The demonic elites accelerating the establishment of the dystopian New World Order have succeeded in turning international organizations into tools of domination and the imposition of a single agenda on all the countries of the world. Under these circumstances, we are compelled to expose these nefarious plans and actions. For this purpose Chișinău Forum brings together leading intellectuals from many countries in the academia, authors, researchers, politicians, economists, all those who oppose globalism.

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Iurie Roșca ist ein unabhängiger Journalist aus der Republik Moldau, ein antikommunistischer Dissident, ehemaliger Abgeordneter und stellvertretender Ministerpräsident, Redakteur, Übersetzer und Organisator der internationalen antiglobalistischen Denkfabrik Chișinău-Forum.

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And last, but not least, I cover local and international news exposing how they are interconnected as part of the same globalist spectacle


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