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Chisinau Forum

Chișinău Forum 2023 poster is an independent international think tank that is not subordinate to any geopolitical center, state or private entity. We do not have and do not seek sponsors. All expenses for our activities are borne at each participant’s own expense. A real metapolitical resistance and implacable dissent requires full freedom of thought and action

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UNRESTRICTED WARFARE as the multidimensional strategy of a Luciferian élite for full-spectrum domination of the world

Chișinău Forum 2023 poster
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Chișinău Forum 2023 poster

The hot war orchestrated by the globalists risks expanding on a global scale. In these conditions Chisinau Forum is the expression of the revolt of the real elites against technocratic totalitarianism and Satanist transhumanism.

For more information see the introductory remarks by Yourie Roshka, the organizer of the event

The most recent speeches and their transcripts

The profile picture of Carlos
von Carlos Mamani

Das Große Erwachen des globalen Südens in der eurasisch-multipolaren Ära gegen die zerfallende atlantisch-unipolare Ordnung

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The profile picture of Justino
von Justino Carneiro

Katechontische Metapolitik in der orthodoxen christlichen politischen Theologie

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The profile picture of Alexander Michael
von Alexander Michael Marcovics

Der Platz Europas in einer multipolaren Welt: Elemente für ein revolutionär-populistisches Denken

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