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Chisinau Forum

Chișinău Forum 2023 poster is an independent international think tank that is not subordinate to any geopolitical center, state or private entity. We do not have and do not seek sponsors. All expenses for our activities are borne at each participant’s own expense. A real metapolitical resistance and implacable dissent requires full freedom of thought and action

Important Announcement

On the eve of the Chisinau Forum 2024 international meeting, which will take place on May 25-26, Yuri Roshka announces the release of his new book in English, German and French entitled "Humanity 2.0: Depopulated and Augmented". Attached is the cover of this book and the foreword written by the author.
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Chișinău Forum 2024
Chișinău Forum 2023 poster

We are all aware that the world is currently at a critical moment unprecedented in history. The demonic elites accelerating the establishment of the dystopian New World Order have succeeded in turning international organizations into tools of domination and the imposition of a single agenda on all the countries of the world. Under these circumstances, we are compelled to expose these nefarious plans and actions. For this purpose Chișinău Forum brings together leading intellectuals from many countries in the academia, authors, researchers, politicians, economists, all those who oppose globalism.

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<span class="inline-block md:hidden">I.</span><span class="hidden md:inline-block">Iurie</span> Roșca
about Iurie Roșca

Jornalista, editor e ativista antiglobalista da República da Moldávia.

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Chișinău Forum 2023 poster

A guerra quente orquestrada pelos globalistas corre o risco de se expandir à escala global. Nestas condições, o Fórum de Chisinau é a expressão da revolta das verdadeiras elites contra o totalitarismo tecnocrático e o transumanismo satanista.

For more information see the introductory remarks by Yourie Roshka, the organizer of the event

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