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The agony of the world between the ultimate end and a new beginning

Published in Romanian version on September 25, 2022

An essay from the forthcoming book: "The Fall from Capitalism to Technocracy. The notes of a dissident under the New World Order".

The text was written for some Romanian friends concerned with identifying political solutions to the problems of today's society.

Continuing the theme I outlined today in the two short videos in which I tried to respond to the state of bewilderment or perhaps alarm in which some of my conservative friends find themselves, I would like to sketch a few more ideas here.

The world at this historic moment is in a totally unique turmoil. It is a seemingly chaotic, spasmodic or perhaps more accurately agonistic movement. Beyond the clamorous spectacle produced by the artificial civilization of the world-city, which stubbornly tries to keep us joyfully placated, in which 'thinking positively' means losing the basic human ability to contemplate the world soberly, the man of today, when he finds himself disconnected from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind, falls into a state of profound anxiety.

This anxiety bordering on existential panic manifests itself as a deep hangover. It persists for a long time, because the disenchanted man has recovered from the allure induced by the histrionic spirit of the crooked puppet theatre. Disgusted by capitalism's commandment of temptation to feel good, of cultivating a heightened vivacity that cancels out all coherent reflection, he searches for landmarks that will bring him back into harmony with the world around him.

This is where the need to return to Christian practice comes in, to restore his sense of fulfillment, to clear his outlook on life and to banish the apprehensions that have obsessively controlled him. In this way, abandoning the false normality of the world of today becomes a fait accompli. But our perception of communion with Christ is often vitiated by culture, mediated by reason and presented more as an intellectual exercise in philosophical meditation. The mind prevails over the heart, and this can neither restore us to a state of fulfillment nor peace of mind.

No matter how hard we try to return to the bed of ancestral tradition, the dark ages of Modernity gnaw at us incessantly. In order to overcome this devastating inner turmoil, we need to look at today's reality as an objective fact, to see it as it is, in all its spiritual and civilizational degradation.

The injustices that are poured upon us by venal and obtuse governments do not leave us unmoved, deeply affecting our ability to be in a state of harmony and balance with the world as God's creation. And so we rush to find political solutions to spiritual problems.

In other words, in an a-spiritual world, crushed by materiality, flattened, disconnected from the Heavens, there can be no operative political strategy and there is no chance of creating viable political organizations capable of assuming superior goals and a historical mission that would aspire to ascension to a transhistorical dimension. Between the aspiration to heavenly heights and the temptation of earthly joys, today's man prefers the option of being like everyone else and remaining in a state of irremediable collapse. The drive to transgress the mainstream paradigms is completely foreign to him.

Today's anti-civilization is quintessentially gynecocratic, matriarchal, and feminist. Women's whims, vitiated by the customs of consumer society, push men towards rejecting 'being' in favor of 'having'. This is the essence of liberal capitalism. And the poison of the market society has pulverized any form of stability, permanence, constancy, loyalty. We are versatile, circumstantial, and incapable of cultivating lasting relationships, individualism being the approximate term that captures the dissolution of the organicity and solidity of today's world. Life has become liquid (Z. Baumann), the once solid forms are liquefying, flowing, dripping into nothingness like Dali's clocks.

The destructuration, dismantling, disintegration of today's world became a striking evidence. The gravity of this state of decay is unprecedented in history. The inversion of all values as a demonic work is triumphing under the powerless gaze of a world that has forgotten the meaning of sacrifice as a practical solution for affirming religious faith and solving major political problems.

Today's man appears as a stunted, cowardly, comfortable, domesticated being, devoid of major aspirations and superior gestures. In these circumstances, to try to build a sustainable political movement would be profoundly naive. Equally misguided would be to covet the creation of an elite group that could articulate a powerful message capable of awakening the masses from lethargy. And anyone who remains in the perverse coordinate system of mass democracy shows a total misunderstanding of how this type of society is constructed and how its mechanisms work.

Now is the time to cultivate a spirit of analysis, that springs from a state of authentic contemplation, which can only be attempted by those who have managed to connect their imagination to the pre-modern world and aspire to a civilizational leap that would overcome the historical hiatus that occurred with the disenchantment of the world and the fall into materiality.

We are at a crossroads. The end of the world and the end of this world. In both cases there is room for superior optimism. The first option, if it is somehow underway, must find us ready, on the alert, like a dutiful soldier at his post.

The second, if God allows it to happen, involves the radical destruction of today's world order. And here, without war we cannot be reborn. The Leviathan of the modern world can only be defeated by assuming the state of war as normality. The birth pangs of a new world will be painful, with blood and sacrifice, with the reappearance in history of the Man who has the sacred duty of overthrowing the Merchant and rebuilding the verticality to Heavens. In the consuming fire that will destroy today's world, the Saint and the Hero will appear in their herculean stature. Both models can only emerge in extreme conditions

Tomorrow's world cannot be a continuation of today's world. It can only be built on the ruins of today's world.

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Iurie Roșca [Yuri Roshka]

a conservative journalist from the Republic of Moldova, who in the past was an anti-communist dissident, party leader, MP and deputy prime minister, who is now an anti-globalist author with strong Christian and nationalist convictions.