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BRICS - a key instrument for establishing the New World Order

After publishing two successive articles on the BRICS Summit in Johannesburg [1] , in which I showed that this conglomerate of countries does not represent an alternative to unipolar globalization, the final document [2] of this meeting fully confirms my approach. The BRICS represents a key element in the globalist strategy of implementing a global coup d'état and establishing the New World Order.

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Before entering into the examination of this document, I will make a few general remarks. From the time of the emergence of this organization until today, there has been a striking discrepancy between the propaganda praising the BRICS as an alternative to the globalist international system and their official documents. While the propaganda portrayed this initiative as a major break, stemming from the will of the emerging economies to emancipate themselves from the imperial domination of the collective West, the official documents, on the contrary, unambiguously show total obedience to the agenda set by the globalists for the creation of a unipolar world order under a single command center. To find this discrepancy, it is enough to carefully go through the official documents of all the meetings of this organization.

The entire political philosophy that emanates from these texts is impregnated by the spirit of globalist neoliberalism, by the myth of free trade as its key element, by the exaltation of foreign investments in the economies of all countries, by the primacy of economics and, more broadly, by the myth of progressivism, scientism and technolatria.

So, the first observation would be that the “political elites” of those countries were mentally colonized in an irremediable way. The ideological poison of the West that has spread to the whole world has devastated any traditional value system, imposing its own paradigm as the unique, indisputable and axiomatic reference system. And the perorations of some formal leaders of these countries about the preservation of national traditions are nothing more than fakes or perhaps illusions of some provincials who are unable to grasp the big picture of the processes taking place on a global scale.

The second fundamental remark concerns the total affiliation of these countries with all the international bodies through which the globalist elite establish the New World Order: UN, IMF, WHO, WTO, The Bank of International Settlements and so on. As we have already noted, making firm and slavish commitments to implement the provisions of the UN Agenda for Sustainable Development, to blindly comply with all WHO orders related to false pandemics, etc., to obey the myth of 'global warming', to implement total digitization and total control over citizens etc., all reveal a relationship of subordination to a single command center that imposes itself through these international institutions.

I recall here a well-known truth. With the launch of the deregulation process and the imposition of free trade as a mandatory norm for all states of the world, states as actors of international relations found themselves subordinated to economic entities, namely transnational corporations, which became the main actors on a global scale that shape the world according to their own private interests. Suffice it to cite here David C. Korten's book “When Corporations Rule the World” written three decades ago. And in the thirty years since the publication of this book, corporations have gained infinitely greater power, totally subordinating politics, the administration of countries and international organizations. In this sense, the BRICS countries are not an exception, but appear in the common register of countries subjected to a deep process of de-sovereignisation.

I would also specify here that the entire rhetoric of the BRICS conglomerate does not mention anything about a possible alternative development strategy. For example, not a word about rejecting unique thinking in economics. Not a word about protectionism, economic nationalism, the defense of domestic markets against the invasion of foreign capital and goods, about the proximity economy or to quote a famous author, about the splendor of a molecular economy. “Small Is Beautiful” rightly argued E.F. Schumacher [3] . And of maximum benefit to people, but not to the sharks of globalist capitalism. Do you remember this brilliant line? “It's the economy, stupid!” [4]

And because the brave leaders of the BRICS countries are not stupid, they reject any heresy that would endanger the dominated economic system and its unique religion. The vision of an Alexander Hamilton or Friedrich List is forgotten, as is the whole school of thought based on economic patriotism, also called economic sovereignty.

Globalist gigantomania with the four “core values” at its base - the free movement of goods, capital, services and people - underlies the principles of activity of BRICS countries, therefore fully contributes to the definitive disappearance of states and nations in the world's melting pot.

And now let's move on to examining the Final Declaration of the BRICS summit in South Africa. We reproduce here the full name of this document: “Johannesburg II Declaration. BRICS and Africa: Partnership for Mutually Accelerated Growth, Sustainable Development and Inclusive Multilateralism, Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa, 23 August 2023” [5] . We will cite excerpts from this long document without giving too many comments.

[3]. We reiterate our commitment to inclusive multilateralism and upholding international law, including the purposes and principles enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations (UN) as its indispensable cornerstone, and the central role of the UN in an international system […]

So, UN is and indisputable authority for them, although it is through this organization that global governance is carried out.

[5]. […] We also call for increasing the role and share of women from EMDCs at different levels of responsibilities in the international organizations.

Emphasizing the role of women in politics, society, business, etc. it is part of the feminist ideology as a strategy to destroy the family through the masculinization of women.

[6]. […] In this regard, we underline that they should be implemented on the level of global governance as well as at national level.

The term global governance involves the exercise of world-wide power from a single center.

[7]. We support a comprehensive reform of the UN, including its Security Council, with a view to making it more democratic, representative, effective and efficient, and to increase the representation of developing countries in the Council's memberships so that it can adequately respond to prevailing global challenges and support the legitimate aspirations of emerging and developing countries from Africa, Asia and Latin America, including Brazil, India and South Africa, to play a greater role in international affairs, in particular in the United Nations, including its Security Council.

“UN reform” is the basic bait for the leaders of those countries, who believe that this will escape the domination of former oppressors. But because it is not the states, but the private entities that determine the policy at the international level, these changes will most likely be only decorative.

[8].We reaffirm our support for the open, transparent, fair, predictable, inclusive, equitable, non-discriminatory and rules-based multilateral trading system with the World Trade Organization (WTO) at its core, with special and differential treatment (S&DT) for developing countries, including Least Developed Countries […].

The acceptance of the WTO as a body regulating international trade is another proof of the subordination of these countries to the globalist strategy. Any claim to gain benefits and privileges within this organization is proof of either gross naivety or hypocrisy.

[9]. We call for the need to make progress towards the achievement of a fair and market-oriented agricultural trading system […].

Agriculture seen as agribusiness to conquer new markets already has its champions. Monsanto, Vanguard, Black Rock, Bill Gates, George Soros, etc. they will continue to make all the land in the world their private property. And the free trade regime and WTO membership do not reward any protectionist measures at the national level.

[10]. We support a robust Global Financial Safety Net with a quota-based and adequately resourced International Monetary Fund (IMF) at its center[…].

Recognizing the IMF as an institution that would have a positive role for the countries of the world means completely ignoring its functions and the harmful effects faced by all the countries of the world that have accepted cooperation with it.

[13]. We recognise the importance of the increased participation of women in peace processes including in conflict prevention and resolution, peacekeeping, peacebuilding, post-conflict reconstruction and development, and sustaining peace […].

Once again, “the increased participation of women” implies a decreasing participation of women in family life, i.e. the feminist inversion of the social roles belonging to men and women, which are complementary and not interchangeable.

[22]. We express strong condemnation of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations whenever, wherever and by whomsoever committed. We recognize the threat emanating from terrorism, extremism conducive to terrorism and radicalization […].

Adherence to the myth of combating terrorism, imposed by the globalists after 9/11, shows the subordination of these countries to the strategy of suppressing liberties in favor of a police state. The sacrifice of freedom in favor of security is the well-known formula of this globalist maneuver.

[25]. We reaffirm our commitment to strengthen international cooperation and our collaboration against corruption and continue to implement the relevant international agreements in this regard, in particular the United Nations Convention against Corruption […].

“Fighting corruption” is an old globalist trick that covers the desire to totally control the privacy, transactions, money and movement of every person within a global digital prison.

“Partnership for Mutually Accelerated Growth”. Attractive slogan, but which only works to the advantage of corporations, not states. It only presupposes free trade, which is claimed to bring prosperity to nations, while only benefiting cross-border economic sharks.

[30]. We reaffirm the importance of the G20 to continue playing the role of the premier multilateral forum in the field of international economic and financial cooperation that comprises both developed and emerging markets and developing countries where major economies jointly seek solutions to global challenges […].

Recognizing the “leading role of the G20” means condemning all the countries of the world to an eternal state of vassalage, and promoting economic colonialism as the norm of international relations. This time it is not states but private entities that represent the world colonizers.

[31]. We recognize the important role of BRICS countries working together to deal with risks and challenges to the world economy in achieving global recovery and sustainable development. We reaffirm our commitment to enhance macro-economic policy coordination, deepen economic cooperation, and work to realize strong, sustainable, balanced and inclusive economic recovery. We emphasize the importance of continued implementation of the Strategy for BRICS Economic Partnership 2025 in all relevant ministerial tracks and working groups. We will look to identify solutions for accelerating the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. [6]

Agenda 2030 is worth reading and re-reading with pencil in hand. Those who submit to it condemn their own peoples to death and slavery.

[33]. We recognize the dynamism of the digital economy in enabling global economic growth. We also recognize the positive role that trade and investment can play in promoting sustainable development, national and regional industrialization, the transition towards sustainable consumption and production patterns. We recognize the challenges facing trade and investment development in the digital era and acknowledge that BRICS members are at different levels of digital development, and thus recognize the need to address respective challenges including the various digital divides […].

“Digital economy” means the death of the state, of the productive economy based on industry, “surveillance capitalism”, the massive use of AI, but also a huge mass of unemployed. Working people become useless under the conditions of the technological revolution. Therefore, the mass of unemployed, “useless eaters” are to be subjected to depopulation, and the survivors to be kept under control by “tittytainment”, according to the recipe of Zbigniew Brzezinski.

[36]. We commit to strengthening intra-BRICS cooperation to intensify the BRICS Partnership on New Industrial Revolution [7] (PartNIR) and create new opportunities for accelerating industrial development […] We reiterate our commitment to continue discussion on the establishment of BCIC in cooperation with UNIDO to jointly support the development of Industry [4].0 [8] skills development among the BRICS countries and to promote partnerships and increased productivity in the New Industrial Revolution. We look forward to the cooperation with UNIDO and request the PartNIR Advisory Group to coordinate with UNIDO.

This article univocally shows that BRICS countries are totally subjugated by the WEF and subject to the same “globalist technological revolution” preached by Klaus Schwas, Yuval Noah Harrari and other exponents of the global elite. It means, in accordance of their explanations, “The insight “fusion of the digital, biological, and physical worlds” refers to the integration of technology, biology, and physical objects in a seamless way. This integration is made possible by the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and other advanced technologies”. Therefore, Welcome to the dystopian future! The gates of hell are open! You can enter it under the triumphal sign of BRICS.

[38]. We reiterate the commitment to promote employment for sustainable development, including to develop skills to ensure resilient recovery, gender-responsive employment and social protection policies including workers' rights.

Thus, everything is geared towards realizing the plans of the “unique party of globalists” for sustainable development, including gender theory as part of this strategy. We remind you that gender theory challenges the fact that people are born without any native sexual identity, male or female. It claims that we are born neutral, without any belonging to one of the two “genders”. In the acceptance of this theory gender is a social construct, which is optional one and could be a subject to infinite changes to the free will of each individual. So welcome to the Satanist universe of transgenderism [9] ! You have reached this destination through the BRICS gates.

[39]. We acknowledge the urgent need for tourism industry recovery and the importance of increasing mutual tourist flows and will work towards further strengthening the BRICS Alliance for Green Tourism to promote measures, which can shape a more resilient, sustainable and inclusive tourism sector.

Even this alienating attraction of today's world, tourism, is framed in the Procustian formula of the “green economy”, based on the myth of “global warming”, which pretexts the entire Great Reset.

[41]. We agree to continue to deepen cooperation on competition amongst BRICS countries and create a fair competition market environment for international economic and trade cooperation.

Here is another point that testifies to the religion of globalist neoliberalism, without state borders, without customs barriers, which ensures the total and totalitarian dominance of corporations.

[42]. We agree to enhance dialogue and cooperation on intellectual property rights through, the BRICS IPR cooperation mechanism (IPRCM). As we celebrate a decade of cooperation of the Heads of Intellectual Property Offices, we welcome the alignment of their workplan to the Sustainable Development Goals.

The subordination of the BRICS countries to the rules of “intellectual property” condemns them to chronic underdevelopment and total dependence on the big players of corporate capitalism.

[49]. We continue to support the work of the Task Force on Public-Private Partnership (PPP) and Infrastructure in sharing knowledge, good practices and lessons learnt on the effective development and delivery of infrastructure for the benefit of all member countries […].

Public-Private Partnerships represent a form of subjugation of states by corporations.

[52]. We reaffirm the call for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in its three dimensions: economic, social and environmental, in a balanced and integrated manner by mobilizing the means required to implement the 2030 Agenda.

Once again, the BRICS states as empty shells of the extraterritorial world empire at the service of the globalists.

[53]. We recognise the importance of implementing the SDGs in an integrated and holistic manner, inter alia through poverty eradication as well as combating climate change whilst promoting sustainable land use and water management, conservation of biological diversity, and the sustainable use of its components and the biodiversity and the fair and equitable sharing of the benefits arising out of the utilization of genetic resources, including by appropriate access to genetic resources […].

As we know, SDG means Sustainable Development Goals, 17 in number, which are a kind of “divine commandments” of the globalist-satanic anti-religion, assumed with total obedience by the puppets from BRICS countries.

[56]. We reemphasize the importance of implementing the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and its Paris Agreement and the principle of Common but Differentiated Responsibilities and Respective Capabilities (CBDR-RC) enhancing low-cost climate technology transfer, capacity building as well as mobilizing affordable, adequate and timely delivered new additional financial resources for environmentally sustainable projects. We agree that there is a need to defend, promote and strengthen the multilateral response to Climate Change and to work together for a successful outcome of the 28th Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC COP28).

The myth of Climate Change is fully assumed by the globalist servants within BRICS. The same story of Climate Change is exposed in very detailed form in articles 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, [63]. No doubt, they are part of the globalist game. And we are victims of their open conspiracy.

[64]. We commit to intensify our efforts towards improving our collective capacity for global pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response, and strengthening our ability to fight back any such pandemics in the future collectively. In this regard, we consider it important to continue our support to the BRICS Virtual Vaccine Research and Development Center. We look forward to the holding of the High-Level Meeting on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response to be to be held on 20th September 2023 at the United Nations General Assembly and we call for an outcome that will mobilize political will and continued leadership on this matter.

During the last three years we have become convinced that the sinister hoax of Covid-19 is being promoted with tyrannical measures in all BRICS countries. They remain part of the depopulation, genetic modification and total tracking of all humans. Nihil novi, we just have to open our eyes to the surrounding realities and give up illusions and self-deception. In the article 65 the same adoration of the religion of vaccinism. Despite of all the striking scientific evidence about the fatal harmfulness of fake vaccines the measure of state terrorism is imposed abusively by BRICS countries. The strategy of enslaving humanity under medical pretexts, and by following of prescriptions of WHO are played by these “rebellious” countries too.

[78]. We acknowledge the critical role of women in economic development and commend the BRICS Women's Business Alliance. We recognise that inclusive entrepreneurship and access to finance for women would facilitate their participation in business ventures, innovation, and the digital economy. We welcome initiatives that will enhance agricultural productivity and access to land, technology, and markets for women farmers.

Once again, the heritage of Rockefeller's clan which invented and imposed the ideology of feminism represents the core value for the alliance of the BRICS demographic and territorial giants, but geopolitical dwarfs.

We could bring even more quotes from this long official document of BRICS 2023, but I think the information presented above is enough. The conclusion is the same. BRCIS is not an alternative to unipolar globalism, but on the contrary, it is an integral part of the process of liquidating states and establishing the New World Order under a single world government in a dystopian world ruled by truly demonic forces.

To the question “What to do?” the first answer is to wake up. Let's abandon all illusions and hopes in ephemeral and vassalized state conglomerates.

In my opinion, the solution is primarily religious. Overcoming materialistic secularism and returning to Christ. And if God allows, the revolt of nations is the only way that would avoid a fatal and rapid end for all mankind. Tomorrow's world can only be built on the ruins of today's world.

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