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The “great awakening” of the global south in the eurasian multipolar era against the decaying atlantist unipolar order

Going deeper and deeper into this uncertain and disturbing 21st century, a certain part of humanity is habitual and permanent prey to the “Totalitarian Character of Western Systems”, as Daria Dugina, Martyr of the Multipolar World, once denounced!; totalitarian systems of social control finely designed so that the victims live in a "dictatorship without tears", where their executioners are perceived as their benefactors, and where the victims themselves are incapable of aspiring to a world other than the one that was imposed on them. Since power is always and ultimately characterized by dictating meaning and narratives about reality, or rather, by distorting reality according to its interests and objectives; It is that today in the 21st century, this certain part of humanity unconsciously suffers from a profound cognitive dissonance about itself and about what surrounds it.

So we have, that in this certain part of the world, also called the West, fundamentally made up of Western Europe and North America, territories dominated by the interests of the Anglo- Saxon World in general and the United States in particular, is where "the twilight of liberalism is more intense than in other places" (Dugin, A), so we have that in these latitudes of the globe, it is where the liberal ideology has developed the most to the point of already adopting metastasis conditions, and it is that depending on the always harmful Processes Monotonic (Dugin, A. 2008), the cancer of liberalism in its very brief period of existence within the framework of its philosophical matrix, Western Modernity, has been engulfing all ideas of transcendence, to the point that today Western man He finds himself in a deep existential crisis, without any compass in the labyrinth of infinite desires provided by neoliberal postmodernity, where the only currency and substitute at the same time is sacred consumption.

Only in this part of the world, is where we find eccentric and aberrant proposals turned into political agendas, such proposals are nothing other than derivatives of the Liberal Social Engineering process experienced by Western man, where early on, paraphrasing the greatest thinker of the In the 20th century, Martin Heidegger was exposed to the recalcitrant twilight of the sacred, to the permanent and systematic concealment of being; where such a chaotic order of things was reached, from the innate adversity and subversion of liberalism against all authority, as Carl Schmitt denounced at the time, therefore, it is intrinsic liberalism that bears Anomos (anomia), that is, "the manifestation of evil on earth... the trivialization of good and evil", and/or the establishment of a "Satanocracy", that is; “…the empire of evil through euthanasia, abortion, gender ideology, the liberalization of drug use, the dissolution of the family. In a word, it is the dictatorship of relativism, hedonism, nihilism, the demalignization of evil and the malignization of good. That is what the evil of our time consists of, which the legion of postmodern intellectuals refuse to recognize…”, as Peruvian intellectuals have rightly argued; the political scientist Eduardo Hernando Nieto and the philosopher Gustavo Flores Quelopana, respectively.

The question that underlies this gloomy panorama of a humanity undermined from its anthropological foundations is the following: and how did this unfortunate situation come to be in the Western world? And the answer falls by its own weight, because as As we pointed out, liberalism is the enemy of all authority, and the West knew and experienced very early, at the dawn of Cartesian modernity of calculative thought (in Heidegger's words: Das Rechnende Denken), the centrality of the uprooted individual against the authority of the sacred, then against the authority of the community, then against the authority of the family, then against the State, and as is observed in these times, against the authority of the most elementary biological laws, as perverse and absurd propitiates gender ideology, which contemplates the existence of more than one hundred genres to which the individual can access, including other species of animals, and all this, under the protection and promotion of the United Nations Organization.

Likewise, we cannot go unnoticed that gender ideology, obviously destructive of the human race, is nothing other than the absolute necessary degeneration that opens the door to the absolute domination of the Human Being, that is, techno-reproduction and the transhumanism, where the first states that humanity will no longer be born but will be produced in laboratories, and the second, that the Human Being can overcome its biological limitations through technology, and transcend the Human Being, be faster, more stronger, smarter, including "sentimental" relationships between machines and humans; and it is that as Pedro Bustamante maintains, "It is not about robotizing the human, what it is about is humanizing the robot." It is therefore the end of humanity as we know it.

According to the great Spanish political scientist, Dalmacio Negro Pavon, an outstanding liberal, the West is prey to "Liberal Totalitarianism" (2016), coinciding with the idea of "Third Totalitarianism" by Prof. Alexander Dugin, where the only norm possible is to please the capricious will of the uprooted individual through a market with increasingly eccentric offers (abortion as a "human right", euthanasia as a "dignified death", mutilation as a "sex change", buying and selling newborns with the "surrogate motherhood", synthetic meat, green energy, etc) that has been promoted in postmodernity by the increasingly weakened "welfare states", generating a kind of social isolation where fundamental institutions such as the traditional family are being destroyed in the name of the most lethal of individualisms.

However, as Carl Schmitt stated, "The world will always be bigger than the US", and indeed, today we are privileged witnesses of the Great Awakening of the historically neglected peoples of the Global South, which, to the beat of unprecedented large-scale tectonic movements, , generated by the dynamics of the Multipolar World with its epicenter in the Eurasian strategic triangle, the "RIC" (Russia, India, China), new geopolitical realities are flourishing today, where the rehabilitation of the great civilizational spaces is increasingly a reality , and the resurgence of millennial cultural histories, with their respective traditions and beliefs, are today the flag of the Great Awakening of the global majority gathered around the BRICS, against the decadent standardization of ways of life (and thought) in the declining Atlanticist Unipolar World. Today we are witnessing the emergence of a New International Order, whose dynamics are not guided by the abstract as worn "International Order based on Rules" imposed by the Collective West in a totalitarian way to the rest of the globe, but rather, which are based on to the dynamics of the Multipolar World, irrefutable evidence that the Anglo-American Unipolar Hegemony is broken forever, since the West has been overwhelmed in the broad sense of the term, to the extent that it no longer has the capabilities to prevail its predominance, which is why the dangers to the International Security of the 21st Century increase, since as history teaches, any change in the international order occurs in the midst of great turbulence and tribulations, which constitute strategic threats to the emerging Multipolarity.

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Carlos Mamani

Mg. Soc., Director of the Cabinet of Critical and Strategic Reflection Patria Project of Cajamarca, Peru