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Putin invites foreign mercenaries to kill Ukrainians, rewarding them with money and citizenship

A seemingly strange decree was signed by the Russian president on January 4. State news agency TASS headlines [1] :

Putin inks decree on granting citizenship to foreigners under a contract with the Russian military. According to the decree, their relatives will also get the right to apply for Russian citizenship.

MOSCOW, January 4. /TASS/. Foreign nationals who concluded a contract with Russia’s Armed Forces during the special military operation will be able to apply for Russian citizenship, according to a decree by Russian President Vladimir Putin published on the official portal of legal information.

According to the document, those foreigners who left service during the special military operation for health reasons, upon reaching the age limit or following the lifting of the martial law are also eligible.

According to the decree, their relatives will also obtain the right to apply for Russian citizenship. ― See full version of this decree:

Since the beginning of the SMO in Ukraine, the Putin administration has been hesitant to resort to massive citizen mobilizations to ensure a swift and decisive victory. The Russian economy was not put on a war footing, either. And this is because in this country the economic factor has subjugated its political factor, and sharks in the private sector totally influence the decision-making process. Putin's vague goals ― demilitarization and denazification ― have remained abstractions throughout nearly two years of war. Russian patriots object to the Putin’s administration the fact that Russian society is not mobilised in a war basis. Thus, at present there are two Russias: one that spills its blood on the battlefields of Ukraine, and another that continues its peaceful lifestyle, having regular holidays, going to concerts, at restaurants and on vacation, celebrating and having fun. It's a kind of A Feast in Time of Plague, to use the phrase of Alexander Pushkin.

Although from the beginning of the Russian military intervention in Ukraine, and with a great delay, a partial mobilization was carried out, several sources note that although the Ukrainian side has lost a much larger number of troops, it still manages to maintain numerical superiority over the Russians. And this is while Russia has a population exceeding the population of Ukraine by about 120 million and an infinitely stronger military potential, even though the West has financially and technically supported Kiev.

What might be the cause of this reluctance on the part of the Russian leadership to wage a quick war, effective and with minimal human sacrifices in Ukraine and save the Russians in this country from the genocide organized by the Zionist regime in Kiev? First of all, because the very nature of political power in Russia can be optimally characterized by the term kakistocracy, which means, “a government run by the worst, least qualified, or most unscrupulous citizens”. In this sense, Russia is no different from the governance models of the West, where private entities, financial influence groups, occult and/or Freemasonry-affiliated circles install docile puppets in key state-level positions, resorted to the most incapable, more corrupt and characterless elements. And the conflict between the collective West and the political power in Russia is not one determined by the sharing of different values, but by the desire to squeeze the natural resources of this country. The kleptocracy in Russia has no reason to capitulate to the Western plutocracy; hence the conflict is between the two gangster camps. All the rest is propaganda and mass manipulation.

The strange nature of this SMO, in which Russia has engaged since February 24, 2022, is evident not only from the lack of political will to achieve a victory in a total blitzkrieg. The preferred method of “Russian strategists” is reduced to the use of infantry and artillery, to retreat from strategic redoubts without any military necessity (see the retreat from the regions of Kiev and Sumy, Kharkov and Kherson), and to remain in an endless defensive position against the onslaught of enemy forces. It is amazing to watch the chronicles from the Ukrainian front, made in a triumphalist tone by the propaganda from Kremlin, when a modest advance at the level of a village or a district of a small town without any tactical importance is achieved. In reality, the human sacrifices for such frontal attacks are catastrophic for both sides.

The shock force in the front line is not the men mobilized in the Russian army, but the volunteers who fight for money. Sure, many of them are patriotically motivated and fighting for a noble cause. At any rate, the primary motivation seems to be financial. But let's not forget the strange experience of the private company Wagner, led by the billionaire and former criminal Yevgeny Prigozhin (who, as is known, was killed after his unsuccessful march to Moscow). He recruited his mercenaries directly from prisons, preferring criminals convicted of the most serious crimes, serial murders, rapes, robberies, etc. These “gentlemen of fortune” were not only remunerated with solid fees, but also were/are absolved of any conviction after only six months of presence in such military groups.

And now, as we see, Putin's invitation for adventurers and insane men from all over the world to come to Russia to become mercenaries in the SMO and kill Ukrainians for some significant sums of money, is even more strange. "Brave soldiers" good at killing everything in their path are also lured with the prospect of obtaining Russian state citizenship in a simplified and fast regime for themselves as well as for their wives and children. And just as it is not too complicated to guess the moral profile of individuals from any corner of the world, willing to participate in a military operation in a foreign country for money, it is not difficult to imagine the atrocities that they can commit against every human being in Ukraine, children, women, and the elderly. And robbery is the mercenary's all-time favourite predilection.

Now let's make an effort and imagine what a “hero of the Russian-Ukrainian fratricidal war” will do after he finishes his combat mission and returns to Russia to enjoy all the rights of a citizen of thas state. Will such a character a job as a factory worker or a doorman at a supermarket? The habit of making money with a gun in hand, through violence, cannot be erased so easily. Therefore, knowingly or not, through such generous offers to grant citizenship to professional killers, the authorities of the Russian Federation directly contribute to the criminalization of society.

And all this is happening against the background of a very worrying criminalization of Russian cities, caused by the massive invasion of the Islamic populations of the Caucasus and Central Asia, who have organized themselves on the basis of ethnicity into groups of gangsters, rapists and robbers who operate not only in Moscow or Petersburg, but also in many other cities, even is Siberia. Alternative media channels report daily on the crimes committed by these gangs. The respective situation also acquires tragicomic overtones: namely, the “patriotic circles” are up in arms that these new citizens of Russia, purloined of the former Muslim Soviet republics, are not sufficiently recruited to go as “volunteers” on the Ukrainian front. Here is another category consisting of millions of invaders who are seen as potential elite fighters on the patriotic front of Ukraine.

Until now, no official information has been made public about how many foreign mercenaries have arrived on the Ukrainian front, from which countries they come and how brave they are in fighting. For the moment is certain only one thing. The huge carnage in Ukraine continues depopulation by killing and mass refugees is proceeding with maximum success. Is all this in the interest of Russia or its enemies? And don't the rumours about the creation of an Israel 2.0 in the “liberated territories” need to be examined more carefully? [2]

What is more, and all this is happening in the context of ritualistic statements incessantly made by Putin and Lavrov to the effect that Moscow is ready to sit down at the negotiating table with the “Ukrainian side” (more precisely, the American side). Meanwhile, the four regions attached to the territory Russia following referendums held under the permanent bombardment of the enemies ― ratified by the Duma and promulgated by the decree of President Putin ― namely Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia, are not totally controlled by the Russian armed forces even to this day.

Instead, any locality that comes under the control of the Russian military is festooned with red flags alongside the official tricolor, the streets are given back their communist names, and public money is used to inaugurate some monuments to the “leader of the world proletariat” Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.

Lenin monument inauguration

The story of the old woman who confused the Ukrainian military with the Russians, coming out to meet them with the red flag in her hands and becoming the symbol of the liberation of Ukraine through re-communization.

Old woman with soviet flag

The monument to these elderly women was inaugurated personally by the deputy head of the presidential administration Sergey Kirienko (Israitel), responsible for internal policy and the “liberated territories“. Billboards and graffiti with the heroic figure of the fearless old woman appeared in several cities in Russia.

Old woman's monument inauguration

It would seem that nothing is more counterproductive for Russia than the attempted re-communization of Ukraine. But precisely this strategy is imposed by the descendants of the Bolsheviks in the Putin administration (Anton Vaino, the head of the presidential administration and his legendary deputy!), who are guided from the shadows by the “cabal of Soviet sages” [3] , these guardians of the old regime who watch over the relics communism.

Old woman's monument inauguration

Those who believe that such aspects are secondary in the Russian current situation, we remind them about a symbol of a completely special evil spiritual significance. It is about Lenin's mausoleum, the corpse of this monster who is guilty of the geocide of the Russian people by continuing to exert its demonic effect on the collective mind chained under the spell of anti-Christian communism. At question “Why is the mummy of Lenin still in Lenin's Mausoleum?” There is only one answer. Because this country is still under the control of the same forces, that massacred and enslaved the Russian people for over seventy years.

View of the Lenin's Mausoleum

View of the Lenin's Mausoleum

Lenin's mummy

Two more examples in this regard will show the moral and ideological essence of today's Russian leaders. The national anthem of Putin's Russia is the same as under Stalin. It kept the same melody, and the author of both texts of the anthem ― the one written for Stalin and another for Putin ― respectively is Sergey Mikhalkov, the father of the famous Russian film maker Nikita Mikhalkov, a fervent loyalist of the regime. No less significant is the presence of red pentagrams above the Kremlin towers, which harmoniously combine with the double-headed imperial eagle. That is precisely why Putinism as a state ideology is defined as neo-Sovietism. And this represents the very essence of the current regime, which has turned into a kind of social monstrosity dominated by the profiteers of a crony capitalism like those in the banana republics.

The Kremlin towers

A healthy society cannot be built on rotten foundations. A new Russia cannot base its own rationale on Lenin's embalmed body, the red flag and the venal and rapacious camarilla around Putin. The very amendment of the Constitution and the announcement of Putin's candidacy for another term as head of state delegitimizes this administration and lamentably reveals its obsession with usurping state power ad eternum. This is how the reluctance of the state power to mobilize society for a decisive victory in Ukraine is explained, the number one priority being keeping the population in a state of lethargy and nonchalance in order to fraudulently obtain another presidential mandate.

And in the meantime, Putin, through his decree of January 4, tells all the criminal and unscrupulous elements in the world “We are waiting for you with open arms in Russia! We will give you money to kill Ukrainians with maximum efficiency and Russian citizenship so that you can operate with the same methods as war heroes and honourable citizens in your new Motherland!”

  2. On this, see my previous article:
  3. I borrowed this formula from the Russian writer in exile Grigory Kimov, who wrote, among other books, “Protocols of the Soviet Sages” and “The Red Kabbalah”.
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