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Speech by Laurent James

by James Laurent

We know that history is made up of interlocking temporal cycles, like a series of breathing periods that vary according to the size of the cycle. The shorter the cycle, the faster it breathes.

This is why a materialist thinker like Marx, focused on the history of the economy, which is necessarily recent in relation to the history of humanity, saw only a simple movement of temporal repetition in the qualitative succession of events (instead of interlocking cycles), when he wrote his famous phrase: “History repeats itself, first like a tragedy, then like a farce”.

This observation is perfectly true on the scale of a human life, and can be seen as an illustration of the theological principle that evil is a mockery of good.

Good is primordial, evil is conjunctural. Evil arises when goodness fades, or when it goes off the rails, when it runs out of steam.

Now, it seems to me that one of the main characteristics of our post-modern world, our apocalyptic world governed entirely by the Power of Darkness, is that the temporal order of history has quite simply been reversed. I mean that the dissolution of humanity into the abyss of non-being is such that, if history repeats itself, it does so first as a farce, and then, not as a tragedy, but as a comedy ― in the sense in which Dante understood it, i.e. in the sense in which the narrative leads to Paradise; since, as Christians, we know full well that after the triumph of evil there can only come the triumph of good.

But the important thing to remember is that in our time, parody precedes the event. Everything emerges first as a farce, a mockery, not of what has already happened, but of what is foreseen by the Holy Spirit for the final victory.

The globalist conspiracy of the United States, which at first aggressively blocked the formation of any nuptial alliance between continental Greater Europe and the New Russia, has gradually changed tactics and transformed itself into a great parody. The parody of the Empire of the Holy Spirit is the Europe of Brussels, the hegemonic tyranny of non-being, which today takes the form of the absolute power of Technology, humiliating, alienating, dissolving, annihilating every form of inner life ― as Bernanos saw it ― but also of outer life.

The technocratic imprisonment of consciousness is a parody of the coming liberation of the Hagia Sophia.

The political conspiracy from within has been replaced by the technological conspiracy from without, which is now the fundamental enThe economic and industrial recovery of Russia, just like that of China and soon of India, has taken place under the scourge of the cyber-technocracy of generalised surveillance. The state has been liberated from oligarchic servitude and has fallen under the rule of technocrats.

Spiritual forces, which are the living forces of every civilisation, are fighting ardently to regain their place in each pole, in order to restore to the concept of multipolarity its true revolutionary and anti-Western character.

In China, for example, facial recognition is now used as a means of payment in many shops. And, as in the West, the practice of cremation has replaced that of burial, making Death completely invisible ― to the great benefit of property developers, who have always been bitter enemies of the existence of cemeteries. But we also know that many Taoist combat groups are trying to overthrow the false Confucianism in power, so as to restore China's spiritual authority while retaining its political ascendancy.

This issue of the invisibilisation of Death, or rather its virtualisation, is also at the root of Transhumanism, whose main problem is also its parodic nature. For Saint Irenaeus of Lyons and all the Fathers of the Church, the mission of Christ is as follows: “God became man so that man could become God”.

Now, this divinisation of man through grace, whose luminous and absolute example is given to us by the Virgin Mary, is parodied ― mimicked, dumbed down ― precisely by Transhumanism.

Transhumanism is the desire to divinise man without going through the Holy Spirit. Which is exactly the promise made by the serpent to the primordial couple in Genesis.

What we need absolutely, and as a matter of urgency, is to rediscover and bring to fruition the Principle of the Holy Spirit, the Marial horizon of Greater Anterior Europe.

As Jean Parvulesco wrote: “We need a return to being European, a total restart of European political history and consciousness, of their own structures of affirmation and active presence, renewed from their rediscovered original depths”.

The great struggle today, which will enable us to rediscover the tragic meaning of history, consists in turning the Great Parody against itself, in order to bring our true being to light: The Great Reversal against the Great Reset, the Marial Church of the End against Technocracy, the Great Imperial Europe against the triumph of the tyrannical world state.emy of Eurasian geopolitical unity.

Whereas it is geopolitics that should prevail over ideologies, technocracy today prevails over geopolitics, pursuing its task of establishing its total power, making a mockery of intra-continental wars and of any multipolarity, effective or otherwise. In other words, the absolute power of the darkness of non-being no longer envisages any clash of civilisations whatsoever, but the levelling out of civilisations, and their resorption in a façade of harmony.

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James Laurent

french writer and scientist