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Chronicles of a dissident under the New World Order

Preface to my forthcoming book

I have decided to publish this collection of articles in three languages, English, German and French, which I have written over the past year, in order to make my modest contribution to a better understanding of what has been happening in international politics in recent years. As we enter the decisive phase of reshaping the world in March 2020 through the imposition of the depopulation and genetic engineering campaign, codenamed the "Covid-19 pandemic", many aspects of geopolitical realities that remained in the shadows have become strikingly apparent.

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The acceleration of the process of establishing the New World Order, prophesied three decades ago by the US President Bush-dad, has been known under Klaus Schwab and his accomplice Thierry Malleret as the Great Reset. It is worth remembering the full name of the book launched by the two WEF exponents three months after the beginning of the special operation dubbed pLandemic: "COVID-19: The Great Reset". And to keep in mind their concern to make rapid and full use of this "window of opportunity".

Why has this older strategy of the world's elites only now been implemented, what are the historical and spiritual origins and ultimate goals of this "open conspiracy" (H. G. Wells), who are the real actors in this macabre spectacle, and who is just a puppet in the hands of real decision-makers? These are the questions to which intellectuals who have retained sufficient cognitive capacity to engage in such questioning seek answers. And alongside these we cannot avoid asking how ready, able and aware is the vast majority of humanity of the truly biblical proportions of the dangers that hang over humanity?

In this context, those of us who are part of alternative thinking and public action are seeking to identify the best methods to enlarge as quickly as possible the number of those who understand the stakes of the world players obsessed with reducing us numerically, intellectually and volitionally. In this respect, I have my own way of suggesting certain solutions that would take us out of the condition of eternal losers and even direct victims of the unlimited, multidimensional and extremely sophisticated war being waged against us.

Investigating the increasingly ominous realities, I'm also trying not to let the big picture escape me. That's because, no matter how good we are in our professional fields, the risks of fragmentary, partial or truncated interpretations invariably remain. For example, in a technological society, how far should our criticism of technoscience extend and to what degree are we not ourselves prisoners of scientism as the indispensable religion of Modernity? Or how realistic are our aspirations to avoid the "betrayal of technology" (J. Ellul) or "technological slavery" (Th. J. Kaczynski) and, in general, how neutral is this technology in relation to the system of spiritual values that governs the world?

When we investigate any phenomenon, we go to its origins. This is also what we do when we investigate the historical roots of the New World Order. But, in my view, our thinking is often heavily contaminated by the way our minds have been set by public schooling, culture and the media over the last few centuries. And not to go as far as the gnostic, esoteric or alchemical origins of modern ways of thinking, we will simplify to the maximum by inviting an easy-to-follow logical chain: Rationalism-Antropocentrism-Evolutionism-Progressivism-Scientism-Utopianism. The autonomous man's obsession to create a perfect human being and a perfect society is materialized today in the worldview of the promoters of technocracy and transhumanism.

The creation of an earthly paradise by means of technoscience, total digitization and human augmentation turns the world into a nightmare society. And as always, we ask ourselves, but what or who is behind this project of universal grandeur, as if it were something out of dystopian novels or horror films? We have a number of pejorative adjectives that we use in this context: plutocracy, kleptocracy, banksters, Big Money, Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Media and ultimately ”globalists”.

And all these names are perfectly valid, but so to speak are partial or incomplete. There must be something/someone else behind or above these foreground actors. And here we enter the slippery slope of the error of perspective, characteristic of many of the leading exponents of the anti-globalist Resistance movement. In the absence of a mystical perception of the world, a mystification of the world is inevitable. The "disenchantment of the world" (Friedrich Schiller by Max Weber) is a fait accompli. But this has inevitably brought with it a re-enchantment, a plunge into various forms of ideological, political and scientific religion. Personally, I have tried in this book to alleviate the confusion that persists in this regard. And this for the sake of Truth, and not just of scientific truth, which remains valid, but touches only the visible, quantifiable or measurable part of the world.

Another topic addressed in the articles collected in this volume is the need to overcome the paradigmatic trap that inevitably pushes us into the camp of the defeated. I have in mind the liberal paradigm as a way of thinking perceived as axiomatic, perfect and universally valid. The entire theoretical framework developed in the West and disseminated worldwide under the names of "mass democracy", "rule of law", "human rights", even if they had been perfectly true in the past until the "Great Break" in the spring of 2020, are now nothing but a mirage, an illusion, a desirable reality interwoven by the propaganda apparatus of the System. The old way of organising society is dead and is buried deep underground.

The capitalist model as we have known it for the last few centuries is a thing of the past. Its global expansion is over. The concentration of wealth is a fait accompli. So is the concentration of political power. The dominance of the plutocracy is now replaced by technocratic tyranny.

Instead of manipulating the masses through propaganda and the love of money, the mammonocracy-turned-technocracy operates by shaping behaviour and total control through AI. Political puppets are replaced by engineers and operators. The civilisation of money is about to be replaced by a cashless society.

And although these new realities are familiar to many of us, we often continue to cling to the defunct system. We are under the illusion that we could turn the wheel of history and restore the good old days of individual freedoms and free enterprise through more information and the election of 'the right people' who would punish the usurpers and restore the 'old normal'. But the "new normal" is not deterred by the ineffective methods to which we resort out of inertia.

Some enthusiasts even went so far as to initiate what they called a Nuremberg-2, ignoring the fact that in order to hold war criminals accountable, there first had to be victors in that war. Or perhaps one imagines that it would have been possible to defeat the Hitler or Stalin regimes by recourse to Nazi or Communist justice? This is why I argue that our reaction to the Great Reset must remain the Great Awakening. But once we have woken up, the Great Uprising is needed. How exactly it has to happen is a separate discussion.

Another theme I address in my analyses is the false dichotomy of the collective West versus Russia/China/BRICS as a supposed alternative to the globalist system. But the truth is that the so-called American-style unipolarity is not exclusive in actively, aggressively and totally promoting the globalist agenda. Unfortunately, multipolarity group is just as obedient to globalist power centers such as the UN, WHO, BIS, WTO etc. as its opponents in the West. But despite all the evidence the alternative media camp and opponents of US imperialism continue to share a kind of insurmountable political religion. What are the causes of such abhorrence and how perception management is operated in this case, you can learn from the lines below. But regardless of whether it's insufficient information, a comfortable psychological niche, or pecuniary motivation, that doesn't relieve us of the obligation to point out these authors' analytical error.

We have all noticed how widely held the view is that we are now at the end of a historical cycle. And beyond the catastrophist predictions, we are hopeful that mankind will manage to overcome this major impasse. In other words, we hope that the current period is not a terminal one, but merely a transition to a new beginning. We could put it that way. We all wish it were not the end of the world, but only the end of this world. But today's nightmare cannot be overcome without our participation. Today's "liquid society" (Zygmunt Bauman) can be reborn through the "solid will" of people who overcome their own prejudices and fears. And petty-bourgeois conformism and cowardice will be pushed aside by the courage and spirit of freedom of people who will regain their own vocation in history.

Iurie Roșca între arbori înfloriți.

Today the man for whom dignity and honour are more precious than life is once again on the stage of history. Hard times bring forth strong men again. The death prepared for us by the demonized elites can be defeated only by defying it. This time the Renaissance must be an eminently spiritual one, leaving mediocrity behind. From the horizontal and limited view of the world let us redirect our gaze and aspirations to the vertical and infinite dimension of life. And everything else will be built on exactly such a foundation.

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Iurie Roșca [Yuri Roshka]

a conservative journalist from the Republic of Moldova, who in the past was an anti-communist dissident, party leader, MP and deputy prime minister, who is now an anti-globalist author with strong Christian and nationalist convictions.