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UN Agenda 21 and The Great Reset: The Fall from Liberalism to Technocracy and Transhumanism

Chișinău Forum 2023 poster

Dear friends, last year (see: Chișinău Forum 2023) the international team of Chișinău Forum ― which brings together many intellectuals, authors, scholars, experts and journalists from different countries who are strongly engaged in the struggle against world tyranny of a malign globalist elite ― did excellent work. Our main event, which was held from 9 to 10 September, was Chișinău Forum 2023, with the title “UN Agenda 21 and The Great Reset: The Fall from Liberalism to Technocracy and Transhumanism”. We had 33 speakers who brilliantly contributed by their speeches to analyzing and dismantling globalist strategies to destroy and subjugate humanity. (See:; )

We spread this event over four months by publishing regularly, twice a week, the speeches of each participant in turn, in both video and text version. In addition, the speeches of our participants have been translated into a number of languages ― German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Greek, Romanian, etc. ― as well as being published on multiple alternative media platforms. As that campaign of dissemination progressed, we managed to place the speeches on various media resources and massively distribute the articles and videos of our comrades, and gave multiple interviews, all these activities lending special relevance and remarkable visibility to our metapolitical project promoted through the international think tank Chișinău Forum.

Chișinău Forum 2023 poster
Chișinău Forum 2023

La guerre chaude orchestrée par les mondialistes risque de s’étendre à l’échelle mondiale. Dans ces conditions, le Forum de Chisinau est l’expression de la révolte des élites réelles contre le totalitarisme technocratique et le transhumanisme sataniste.

Pour plus d'informations, consultez les remarques introductives par Iurie Roșca, l'organisateur du forum.

Les discours les plus récents et leurs transcriptions

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par James Laurent

Discours de Laurent James


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par Iurie Roșca

« Connaître son ennemi » — la règle d’or de l’art de la guerre à l’ère de la technocratie. Remarques finales


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par Alexander Michael Marcovics

La place de l’Europe dans un monde multipolaire : éléments pour une pensée populiste révolutionnaire