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Russia + China = a false alternative to the American hegemon

The distinguished political thinker and author Mees Baaijen, sent me an email suggesting that I write an article that would somehow appease the enthusiasm of the admirers of Russian and Chinese rulers, as well as BRICS, which they perceive as a project that is an alternative to American hegemonism and therefore beneficial to the peoples of the world. Therefore, this article is dedicated to worshipers of the Russia-China-BRICS cult on the occasion of Putin's recent visit to China.

So Russian President Vladimir Putin's first official visit since the last presidential elections and triumphant inauguration in Moscow was to Beijing. But before I make a few remarks on relations between the two countries, I would like to remind the idolators of the Moscow regime that it can only be considered legitimate to the extent that power generates legitimacy.

In accordance with the Russian constitution adopted in 1993, this country is a liberal democracy tailored to the Western model. But as in any plutocratic regime, in Russia the electoral exercise is only a political show meant to credit the regime in power. We remind you that Putin was never elected on the basis of a genuine alternative. He was initially installed as interim president on 31 December 1999 by decree of Boris Yeltsin, who had fallen into poor health due to excessive alcohol consumption. And all the presidential elections that followed in the last 25 years were nothing more than a series of shams under the conditions of suppressing any real opposition. The last election campaign was not an exception in this regard.

The first remark regarding the bilateral relations between the two countries would be the following. These are not mutually beneficial relations, but in favor of China and to the detriment of Russia as a state, and at the same time to the advantage of the oligarchic groups that control the economy of this country.

A big brother and a banana republic

Once again, after the economic war of the Anglo-Americans assisted by their European satellites imposed sanctions against Russia, this country was pushed into the suffocating arms of China. A quick look at the goods exported by Russia until a few years ago mainly to the West, and after that to China and other countries in the East, clearly shows the ungrateful state in which this country has reached. The private interest groups that control political power in Russia massively export natural resources and raw materials, especially gas, oil, wood, grain, metals, etc. Instead, Russia imported from the West, and now from China finished industrial products, technologies, IT components, etc. Under these conditions, we cannot speak of mutually beneficial economic relations, but of a neocolonial nature of this kind of partnership.

In other words, Russia has become a banana republic of China, which robs its "trading partner" of natural resources. We also remember that Russia has conceded huge territories in Siberia to China for decades. And taking into account the demographic discrepancy between the two countries, in the not-too-distant future Moscow could lose the territories beyond the Urals in favor of this "main partner". Therefore, after Russia and the USSR enjoyed the reigning role of "big brother" towards the colonized countries of the ex-communist area, today she is in the embarrassing posture of "little brother of the big Chinese brother”.

And the fact that Russia remains a formidable nuclear power does not exempt it from the risks of remaining an economic appendage of hyper-industrialized China. The mistake that geopolitical analysts make when they refer to China is that they view this country in the formula of a classic European rivalry that divides players into two camps. That is, in the given case, the competition between "the West" and "the Rest". But we have to know that the Chinese have a completely different mentality and a different strategy for promoting their own interests in the world.

When two fight, the third one wins

Their golden formula is not the game for two but for three actors. From the confrontation between the West and Russia, both sides have to lose in favor of the third player, China. But unlike Westerners she doesn't practice practice bellicose language, but advances economic expansion through the soft diplomacy based on infinite oriental cunning. It is enough to take a look at the trade relations between China and the USA, but also between this country and the EU to see that the war in Ukraine has not affected these relations. China's expansion in the Central Asian states of the former USSR, as well as in the ex-communist countries of Europe, is obviously at the expense of Russia and the USA. The same process is taking place throughout the whole Asian continent, Latin America and Africa.

Therefore, the geo-economic dynamics on a global scale invalidate the dominant narrative present in the speeches and documents signed in Beijing these days by Xi Jinping and Putin which insists on the "myth of multipolarity". The whole story of multipolarity is nothing more than a maneuver of the globalist plutocracy pulling the strings from above, designed to deceive the states of the Global East and South that in exchange for American hegemony a fairer and more equitable world order is coming for former colonized nations. This is where the whole scam is. The sunset of "the West" does not imply the rise of "the Rest".

This is because globalist elites exercise equally strong control over both the "collective West" and conglomerates such as the BRICS. And anyone who is able to grasp the whole and see the big picture cannot deny this reality. And whoever has not yet understood that it is a huge trap, woven by the same globalist circles, risks putting himself in a ridiculous position, because the truth will become obvious even to the blind.

When corporations rule, states obey

The illusion that corporations such as BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street are letting a Putin and a Xi Jinping keep the national sovereignty of their countries intact reveals a serious error of perspective. And this when it is not a smokescreen to cover the universally valid strategy of the globalist elites. Need we remind anyone that no country escapes from the clutches of the financial octopus of the globalist Bank for International Settlements?

World map overlayed with brand trademarks.

Those with a modicum of schooling know that globalization in recent decades has eroded to the point of annihilation of the sovereignty of all states. And in this respect neither the US nor China and Russia are exceptions. I refer to the title of a fundamental book published in 1995, “When Corporations Rule the World” by David C. Korten. And all the miscalculation of the BRICS worshippers boils down to their stubbornness in not applying this formula to countries like Russia and China.

To make fun a little more, we quote from the joint statement of the two leaders from May 16: "promoting the democratization of international relations and international fairness and justice". It is downright comical to see how the exponents of two abusive regimes, anti-democratic par excellence, plead vehemently for the "democratization of international relations". If this means the expansion of the "Russian" or "Chinese" model over the whole world, then we have every reason to worry about our future.

World Government with the conspiracy name UN

A second fundamental aspect that strikes any critical approach is the triumphalist rhetoric displayed by Putin and Xi praising the leading and beneficial role of the UN. They declare their allegiance to the UN, advocating for the strengthening of the role of this organization led by eminently globalist non-state entities such as the CFR, WEF, Freemasonry and other occult circles. Moreover, the plea for the leading role of the UN in international relations is present in all BRICS documents (see my articles in this regard:;;

A careful reading of UN Secretary-General António Guterres' programmatic text "Our common agenda" ( and the preparatory documents for the Summit for the Future ( planned for 22-23 September 2004 is enough to understand that the World Government is coming out wearing the UN mask. Nor should we forget the forthcoming World Health Assembly, to be held from 27 May to 1 June 2024, which is expected to adopt the Pandemic Treaty as well as to complete the International Health Regulations. And given that China and Russia have shown their total obedience to the WHO in the period of the fake Covid-19 pandemic and have so far not shown any disagreement with the genocidal and tyrannical policy of this organization, the very idea that the two countries are at odds with the globalist agenda is pure aberration.

In this sense, it is appropriate to remember that at the origin of the emergence of the League of Nations after WWI and the UN after WWII were the occult circles of the globalist plutocracy. The headquarters of the promoters of the New World Order is precisely at the UN. And our brave rebels against the unipolar order from BRICS deify namely this organization, advocating that it should exercise "global governance". That very notion negates any idea of national independence.

United Nations flag.

And if any human being who kept his cognitive capacity and moral integrity intact is deeply concerned about the imposition of the Great Reset carried out at accelerated rates, then there is no avoiding the striking evidence that Russia and China are among the champions of the implementation of this satanic strategy. It is enough to refer to the UN Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, to the acceptance of CBDC, the cashless society, generalized surveillance, adherence to the myth of climate change, total digitization, etc. In this context, can anyone claim that Russia and China are not part of the nightmarish project of establishing a worldwide satanic technocracy? And yet there are still enough people who continue to deny the evidence.

Subordination to the WTO as adherence to neoliberal economic policies

Along with subordination to the UN and WHO, the joint statement of the two leaders from May 16 also states that they want to "strengthen cooperation within the WTO framework". Here let's make a little explanation. For those with a minimal level of knowledge in international relations the nefarious role of the WTO is well known. So, it is well known that this organization represents the instrument for recreating international economic relations in the interest of large corporations and to the detriment of states and peoples, as well as small and medium enterprises. The basis of the WTO is the neoliberal economic ideology focused on freetradism, on undermining the economic independence of states, on the prohibition of measures to protect internal markets, the same principles being present in the so-called Washington Consensus (;

It is worth noting that in recent decades the only paradigm for interpreting international economic relations is the neoliberal one, all other schools of economic thought being marginalized and blamed. The very idea of an enormous market that would encompass the amorphous construction in continuous expansion like BRICS is shaped by the idea of free trade, which is the golden rule of economic predators.

We repeat. The decline of the American empire does not mean the decline of the globalist plutocracy, which controls a vast amount of economic, technological, military and media resources. And between unipolar and "multipolar" globalization there is no difference in substance.

(to be continued)

Poza de profil

Iurie Roșca [Yuri Roshka]

a conservative journalist from the Republic of Moldova, who in the past was an anti-communist dissident, party leader, MP and deputy prime minister, who is now an anti-globalist author with strong Christian and nationalist convictions.